People Who Don’t Elevate You!

It would be bad enough to get stuck in an elevator. Imagine being holed up with someone you consider insufferable! Besides the politicians (on both sides if the aisle) who wouldn’t be your companions of choice in an stalled elevator, who else would give you the heebie jeebies?

“My Husband! Oh the curse words he would bellow. Make it out like it was me who broke it. At least a stranger would be courteous.”
Amy Rosinko  

“Why are most of the answers related to politics? I would hate to be stuck in an elevator with my ex…”
Sherry Hill Reed

“My sister in law..she struggles to have a conversation when we have family functions..I can imagine her going mute if we were stuck in an elevator together..apparently i was told by my mother in law we run in different social circles..hers being a rich one and me my bohemian crowd..(who by the way are richer than her friends lol) So that would be my worst nightmare.”
Carine Munro

“Reese Witherspoon, trust me on this.”
Alma Hammond Jeffers

“My co worker who sounds like she swallowed a Kazoo.”
Paula Demihosa Roberts

“Does it really matter? Everyone is always on their phones and not communicating in person.”
GinaLinn Espinoza

An elevator mechanic who’s just as stuck as I am and can’t get us out!”
Laura Marie Confino

“Can’t answer it, there’s too many friends on here that may be offended… lolol.”
Kandy Evans

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