Please Don’t Fence Me In

45 years with the wrong person.”
Debbie Best
My in-laws house with them.”
Jacqueline Rinaldi Katchur
Homeless as a kid. But I turned out to be a good person and I believe if I weren’t homeless as a kid I would be a different person.”
Foxee Sunshine

On a ferris wheel…the very top and it was so windy…..stuck up there for over an hour…..that was 40 years ago and never been on one since…..freaked me out!!!”
Faye Garcia
In my wheelchair..still trying to get out of it.”
Genisys Faith
Waiting in a doctor’s  office for hours for them to come in to tell me if I had cancer or not.”
Kathy Boyd
The DMV every single time.”
Dana Cantrell Shaw
In Orlando Airport with 2 young kids. Six hour delay.”
Sandy Hmiel Serefine
Riding in a float plane to the logging camp we lived in, fog was so heavy we had to land plane in the ocean and wait till fog cleared.”
Alice Anne Allen
At my job. 21 years and counting.”
Nancy Macintyre
In the car on the Henry Hudson Parkway for 9 hours!!!”
Elizabeth Gresch-Sokol
Back in 1990 I worked for an answering service in downtown Houston. A torrential rain storm came through and flooded me in for 2 days. I never wanted to answer another phone after that lol.”
Tammy Bentley Frye
On a tube train in a tunnel during a heat wave.”
Lisa Collins
Stuck on a plane in Miami, Florida for 6 HOURS without being able to get off or …eat anything or have drinks ….HOT HOT and HUMID and did I mention HOT???? People had extreme body odor and EVERY SINGLE person was GROUCHY!!!!! Plane had smoke coming out of one of the wings. I was sitting on that wing, watching it pour out smoke for 6 HOURS!!! I kept asking why can’t we change planes or at least get off??? NO answer from ANYBODY!”
Chris Anderson-Montgomery
At Heinz Field for an American Idol audition for 8 hours. Field was hot and people got sick from heat strokes. Terrible.”
Lauren Smith
NYC, 1st year of marriage. No sense of community.”
Karen Carlson

Waiting to give blood only to be told I couldn’t.”
Lisa Kennedy

Waiting area at the top of the Empire State Building.”
Monica Smith- Lasser

Watching the play RENT.”
Starr McMullan Henderson

In a tent during a terrifying storm and gale force winds! We had hiked in and had to wait until morning to hike out! Frightening!”
Ann Loflin

It only seemed like a long time, but in an elevator, alone, on my way upstairs to work. Maintenance came and let me out after about 30 minutes. Did I mention that I’m claustrophobic?”
Pam Dickson

On It’s a Small World  ride at Disney for 90 minutes. They never turned off the music.”
Sheila Bedeila

“In my own head.”
Vera Southard
On the street in NYC after the 9-11 tragedy, I think it was 9-13. I was visiting my son in upstate New York and couldn’t get a flight back home to Florida, so I took the bus. While waiting to get on another bus going south some idiot called in a bomb threat so naturally we were all removed from the area and waited while all was cleared. No bomb found Thank God. That trip by bus took two days and 11 bus changes.
Bonnie Trott

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