Priceless Gifts Your Grandchildren Will Cherish Forever!

You never need a reason to give your grandchildren gifts. The six we show you here, from, will speak volumes about your love.

For your granddaughter


Share The Love

Your granddaughter will always know she holds the key to your heart when she wears her charming stainless steel and red crystal necklace. The key and the heart hang on 16.5-inch chains, with 2-inch extensions.

Aim For The Moon

Tell your granddaughter you “love her to the moon and back” with this lovely stainless steel bracelet. It’s bendable, so it can adjust to any wrist size!


And A Hug Around The Neck

Even if she doesn’t know the song, she’ll cherish your charming message of love expressed on this exclusive necklace. The pendant and heart, made of platinum-plated brass, hang on an 18-inch adjustable chain.

For your grandson


Let’s Play Tag

Your grandson will always know how much you love him when he wears this cool dog-tag necklace. Made of stainless steel, hanging on a 16.50-inch ball chain with a 2-inch extension.

I’m With You

This stainless steel and leather bracelet
is the perfect way to remind your grandson that you’re always with him. The comfortable 7-inch bracelet has a 2-inch extension.

Love Is Forever

Think about getting two of these necklaces, one for you and one for your grandson, to show your deep connection. Made of zinc alloy, the pendant hangs on a 16-inch chain with a 2-inch extension.

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