Your Priciest Purchases Of 2016

“Two iPhones 7-128g $1750.”

Maribel Romero

Two kids in college.”

Lisa Ann

Mascara..I buy it every other week! Fresh!”

Vickie Pallo


Gallon of milk.”

Pattie Beard

10-day trip to Walt Disney World with my family!!”

Barbara Ritchie

“New car: 2016 Jeep Cherokee 1941 Anniversary Edition $30,000.”

Patricia Waszkiewicz


“A wheelchair.”

Belinda D. Franklin

My Michael Kors bag.”

Florence Gertrude Schmell


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  • Teri Gallagan-Horning

    My husband & I took a trip to Ireland, England & Paris: total cost $8000 which included a tour of Ireland (which included stays in 4 & 5 star hotels + dinners & breakfasts) for 8 days, 2 shopping bags full of Waterford crystal AND Blarney Woolen Mill wool scarfs & hats, a visit to the Sherlock Holmes museum, a visit to the Louvre, a 10 day rental on a flat in London, train fare to Paris & sterling silver jewelry!!

    • alexfof

      Sounds fab, Teri!