Primal Fear

I jump every single time the biscuit can pops!
Deborah Scott
  “Really strange but SOME WORDS….make me cringe if I hear them.
Chris Anderson-Montgomery
Fish and things just under the surface of water.
Kim Davis
Walking on sidewalk grates or sidewalk basement doors.
Louise Murphy
Sharon Nowak Massanelli
 A balloon popping! As a child I didn’t like Jack in the Box because of the surprise. People will often laugh at me, and I will laugh with them, because of it, but I really don’t like being near balloons for fear of the surprise pop.
T Mah’ni Mahni
 Snakes, spiders, bees, any insect really. Creepy crawlies!!!
Gail Schaefer Manndel
Sharon McTigue
Mushrooms 🍄 – I just hate them.
Wendy Wilson
Mice! 🐁
Sarah Beck Byrd
Going over a bridge.
Paula Marie Tutko
Birds. You can’t control them.
Phyllis De Francesco Crawley
People behind the shower curtain. SO, I have always had clear ones!
Cheryl Porter Armstrong
I don’t drive on the highway for fear if I’m lost and I keep driving I may take the wrong exit and end up driving to another state lol.
Donna Lopes
Fear of the ocean or lakes. Can’t get near them.
Debbie Grabczynski Garber Wendt

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