10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Joining A Dating Website

Choosing the dating website that’s right for you can be as stressful as choosing the right man. Each one has a distinct personality and looks. To help make your decision easier–and get you together with a site that’s going to help you find your Mr. Right— heed our tips.

1. Do you know many happy couples that have met through the site?

Word of mouth can be a valuable way to learn about a product or service. If friends or acquaintances have had good experiences with any dating websites, they’re probably worth trying!


2. Does the name of the site influence your decision to join?

Often, the name of a product or service can trigger pleasant–or not so pleasant–associations. It shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but something to consider.


3. Do the look and feel of the site make you comfortable?

If you like the site’s layout and tone, and it’s easy to navigate from section to section, it’s worth your attention. If you get lost trying to figure it out, it’s probably not.


4. Do the application process and types of questions appeal to you or turn you off?

If the questions stimulate and challenge you, it shows that a fair amount of thought went into creating the site. On the other hand, if the application process seems tedious, overly lengthy, and the questions lack imagination, it’s probably not your cup of tea.


5. Does the site satisfy your religious requirements?

If certain religious beliefs are important to you in a partner, make sure you’ll be able to search and filter to find potentials matches. Many sites also are targeted to specific religions, so look for those, too!


6. Does the fee to join seem reasonable to you?

Whether the fee is $10 or $100, it’s important that you’re comfortable with it. You don’t want to overpay and be disappointed. Sometimes, the motto ‘You get what you pay for’ doesn’t apply.


7. Do you want a free trial period?

Many sites offer free trial periods to test the waters and search its members. This could be a great way for you to see if the site is the right place for you to put your time, energy, and money.


8. Does the site attract a younger or older age group (whichever you prefer)?

Some sites clearly attract younger and more urban members than others. You know what age range and locations interest you, so determine that the site you choose has a sufficient membership to match.


9. Does the diversity of the site’s members reflect your preferences?

Do the site’s members represent a spectrum of ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations or is the membership base more focused?


10. Do you think a bigger site will give you more choices?

Quality over quantity, or vice versa? Bigger sites may have more members, but you may prefer a smaller, easier-to-navigate community. Read through the “about” sections of the sites to learn as much as you can about their philosophies.

Take this checklist and visit this guide to the top dating sites for you!

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  1. DatePerfect says:

    Thank you for the article. I got divorced about 4 years ago and found myself single for the first time in the digital age of dating. It was overwhelming on so many fronts. The hardest part was finding a good dating site. This eventually led me to start a dating and review site with over 4,000 listings. I know, its crazy. Nonetheless, from that perspective you advice here is great. Thanks!

  2. Coach Christine says:

    These are definitely very important points when selecting an online dating site. The other piece of information I enjoy sharing with my coaching clients is it’s the only place where there are more single men then women. As all single women know when they attend a ‘singles event’ there are usually 10 men and 80 women. So, using online dating as a woman is a wonderful way to meet men.


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