The Reasons They’re Called ‘Grand’

I spent Christmas vacation in Hartford, CT, with my maternal Grandma Rosie and Grandpa Sam when I was about 13 years old.  Part of my homework assignment over the holidays was to color in an outline map of Europe, but I messed it up in minutes and became frantic.  Grandma Rosie and I walked for hours in the bitter cold, trying to find another map in every store in downtown Hartford. No luck!

By the time we returned home, Grandma had an aha moment, remembering that one of her cousins was an elementary school teacher and maybe he’d have a map.  Lo and behold, he did, and out went Grandma to retrieve it. I was on top of the world.When I was ready to start coloring in the countries, Grandpa Sam said maybe he should do it.  Using my little watercoloring kit, he painted each country a different color and wrote their names in block letters. It was a masterpiece! 

I saved the map for years and can still see it. I think my mother threw it out after I married and moved out of the house.  She wasn’t the sentimental type! 

I wasn’t always a darling granddaughter, but I’ll always remember that Grandma Rose would do anything for me. 

Here’s what you remember most about your grandparents when you were growing up.