Your Top 10 Friendship Deal Breakers

When we asked you to name a friendship deal breaker, the responses revealed (not surprisingly) a great deal of emotion. Here are your top 10 reasons.

1. Pinocchios

“Being a liar. I’m not going to tolerate a liar as a friend. Every other offense is usually a lie at the root.”
DLynne Garner

2. One-Way Streeters  

“Borrowing money and never returning it. Accepting gifts, clothing, rides, meals, etc., and never reciprocating.”
Eleni Nanos Davis   

3. Me! Me! Me! Me!

“Being self centered and not listening to other points of view, disrespect.”
Michelle Bunnell

4. Two-Timers

“Do not sleep with my husband! THAT is a REAL deal breaker!”
Sharon Jackson

5. Judgmental

Judgement. Hypocrisy. Women who will only be your friend if you do what they want – follow their politics — and don’t support you because they don’t agree with your decisions.”
Karen Dunphy

6. The Reds & The Blues

“Lost my best friend of 36 years because of political views and her inability to accept different perspectives.”
Patricia O’Connor Blanton

7. Covet Thy Neighbor

“When jealousy is detected. Real friends aren’t jealous, but genuinely happy for you.”
Dee Henderson

8. Double Crossers

Betrayal of any kind.”
Pat Katz

9. Off Again, Off Again

“A habit of cancelling plans at the last minute. Really? People still do that? Apparently. Funny how some people ALWAYS seem to have emergencies.”
Jamie Blair

10. Why Me?  

“Cancelling.  Whining. Only calls or texts when needing to complain. Drunk ranting texts.”
Liz Schwartz

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