16 Things That Scared Us Silly Growing Up

1. The shower scene in the
movie, Psycho

2. “Pop” quizzes in math

3. Parachute jump at Coney Island

4. Nikita Khrushchev would invade the U.S. and we’d all become Communists

5. Your parents might stop
breathing in their sleep

6. You’d break out before a big date

7. No one would ask you to
dance at a party

8. The teacher would call on you when you weren’t “prepared”

9. You’d forget to take your gym uniform to school on gym day

10. Your best friend would get a boyfriend before you

11. A heavy period would stain your clothes and you wouldn’t know it

12. You’d get caught smoking

13. Your mother would really tell your father that you were “bad”

14. Barry Goldwater would be
elected president

15. The attic scene in The Birds

16. The typing teacher would discover that you use only two fingers

What scared you growing up?

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0 Responses to “16 Things That Scared Us Silly Growing Up”

  1. crisser says:

    The year 2000. I didn’t think I’d live to see it. I’d be 43 and that was soooo old.

  2. Karina West Hilton says:


  3. adgirl007 says:

    Quicksand…. it’s not been anywhere NEAR the problem that I’d imagined it would be.

  4. Di says:

    Thinking back….there were two things that terrified me. One was that I would be asked to make a speech before my classmates. To this day, I still could not do it. The other was that friends would find out that I wore a padded bra……….. that that little 32 B was not even me. I was a late bloomer…….funny now but not so funny then. : )

    • Christina Aton says:

      It’s funny how time has changed my perspective. When I was in my teens and twenties I didn’t like being small, i.e. flat-chested. Now that I’m in my sixties it is so nice because gravity has less to work with:)

      • Di says:

        I never got much bigger but my bra is no longer padded…..I am in my 70’s and do fill out that 32 B now. I have friends who had large uncomfortable breasts who have opted for making them smaller. Their shoulders have permanent marks from the weight of their very large breasts.

        • Christina Aton says:

          You are absolutely right about discomfort from being ‘well-endowed.’ I’ve always enjoyed the really great selection of bras that are my size which isn’t the case for bigger ‘girls.’

  5. Barbara A. Flournoy says:

    My father…as a small child, I saw him as a giant. He had a booming voice and he was physically abusive to my mother. His behavior affected my relationships with men and trusting men long after he and my mother divorced. Both of my parents are now deceased but I still have vivid memories of “The Giant”.

    • GeriFOF says:

      Hi Barbara,

      I’m sorry you had to go through that as a little girl.


    • Di says:

      I never knew my birth father and that is probably a good thing from what I learned about him. But I knew my step father and what he did to all of us, my mother and sisters, I guess I have buried it deep inside me because I didn’t even think about it as something I was terrified of. So many women have fathers and stepfathers in their lives that greatly affected them and it is mostly negatively. So sorry!


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