This 10-Second Quiz Could Change Your Life

Select one or more of the options below.

  • Something you create (i.e. jewelry, art, hand-knitted pieces) (33%, 293 Votes)
  • A service you provide (i.e. travel agent, recruiter, accountant, makeup artist) (25%, 220 Votes)
  • Your cherished items (i.e. antiques, jewelry, furniture, accessories) (18%, 161 Votes)
  • Products you represent (i.e. beauty products, clothing) (17%, 151 Votes)
  • Something else—comment and tell us below! (6%, 55 Votes)

Total Voters: 737

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0 Responses to “This 10-Second Quiz Could Change Your Life”

  1. Marina Hewson says:

    I would like a professional make over & learn how to make my diet & husband’s diet better. I’ve been disabled since 2005 with my back. So I’ve gained weight with a lousy diet. I was a firefighter/paramedic and I loved it very much. I’m a mother of 2 grown children with 8 grand children,2 girls & 6 boys. I would like to feel that beautiful as I’ve seen on all the make overs. I have moved to Montana after living in the south all my life. So I’d like to fit into my new area. I don’t have anything to sell or promote or give away. Thank you for your time.

  2. Lisa McBrayne says:

    I would promote my website in which I sell Organic Beauty and Skin Care. I have some fabulous products to help you look and feel beautiful!

  3. DONNA VOLLANO says:


  4. Kathy Bennett says:

    natural oils, healing, also herbs for health

  5. Anne says:

    I would speak to young Mothers I had a son who lost both eyes to cancer and was told He would be a vegetable if He lived to be 5 yrs old, He is now 48,profonded retarded but a blessing and His little brother who is an awesome man is as special and I now Sheriff of our County, so see there is always hope and promise if we just have faith from our heavenly Father, I have leukemia and so Does my 1st Son who had retina blastomia so girls be thankful for health.God bless all Mothers

  6. cid says:

    I love your website and the topics you cover! Thank you.

    • Geri Brin says:

      I have just read your wonderful comment,CID, and can’t thank you enough for it! Best, Geri Brin

  7. Loraine Cooper says:

    Sounds too good to be true. I have been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long, long time.

  8. Sadaya says:

    I am so grateful to have discovered this opportunity to create a life with more freedom through helping others. When you combine a great reputation with a few solid products which are new and exclusive…then back them by science and integrity you can’t help but create a good return on your effort. The products are activators of our own body’s ability to create antioxidents…the business offers even moderate efforts to build residual income that frees them from an regular job. Once you do that…you are not only free to give your talents but you are helping others do the same. Also checkout my personal coaching site offering some pro bono work.

  9. elizabeth Rundquist says:

    I am finally getting a website up and running. My site is being designed by a fellow artist, it will be smashing. I have come to the conclusion it is time for me to promote my work! Leap into the fray! Look for my website in June, thanks

  10. Christine Spencer says:

    My New Book… I am over the moon excited to share one of my greatest accomplishments in becoming a first time author, self published. One of my greatest passions in life is to help inspire, encourage and support women in a movement of Self love and Self worth. Driven by purpose…I’m on a mission to influence girlfriend (sisterhood). My book “ Your Roots Are Showing” contains several real life stories from everyday women and reflects on their roots during their defining moments. Each story includes advice and coaching tips designed to resonate with the reader.

  11. Carmela Congdon says:

    I would promote therapeutic grade essential oils. I have found particular oils that relieve depression, uplift mood and energy, calm and relax the nervous system, and address a host of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. They are all natural and so needed in a world filled with too many medications with serious side effects.

  12. Rennata says:

    My top two would be something I make and a service. I would love to see information on all of the list.

  13. Susan Blais says:

    I’ve got a fitness and nutrition program for women over 50 that helps them be more energetic, and to tone muscles without gaining bulk, without hurting themselves, and that they can do in the privacy of their own homes. I created the program in 2008 “Fit and Fabulous for the Fifties and Beyond” and am now in the process of completely digitizing it and making it available online. This should be available in about 60 days. Would LOVE to sell it to FabOverFifty members, and I wouldn’t mind sharing revenue either!

  14. NoreenB says:

    As a Laughter Wellness Instructor spread the word about the health benefits and fun of adding laughter to your life, through laughter yoga and informative educational sessions with my Smile Side of Life Laughter and Happiness Club!

  15. Janna says:

    Any & all! Think of the possibilities…
    We all have talents to share, but often not the means to just get started…

  16. DL says:

    I would love to market a hybrid life coach program/services coordination program called Navigating Change, that addresses the needs of people who are faced with major life changing events such as cancer, death of a loved one, and any other circumstances where people often feel alone and helpless.

  17. KIM D says:

    Beautiful artwork by many artists, all with Certificates of Authenticity, numbered, and some are signed by the artist.

  18. E'Lee says:

    I would promote my music. I am a gospel/inspirational singer-guitarist. I love to sing helpful, meaningful messages to people especially those who need God in their lives. The guitar adds a nice melodic sound to the words and I think people would really enjoy the music if they could know about it.


  19. Mary Benson says:

    I would be thrilled to sell our DVD that teaches a simple way to stop most urinary leaks within just a few weeks. We call it Laugh More, Leak Less! at

  20. Alexis Marnel says:

    I would love to be able to have a theater production company (FOR PROFIT)completely owned/operated by women over 50. I began a small one, but I am no longer interested in being a lone wolf. I want to empower as many women as I can to be producers, creatives, and theater marketing consultants during our “Act II” phsae of life. IT is exhilitaring, risky but also quite profitable. There are not many MAJOR women producing broadway and off broadway shows. IN addition to producting there are many other things that could/would/should be provided to the theater community at large.

  21. LOUETTE ELDER says:

    I would like to expand my at home Bookkeeping Business.

  22. Marilyn Montague says:

    I’d love to sell my personal collection of vintage clothing and collectibles. And also wonderful jewelry pieces my friend creates. His pieces are amazing and beautiful.

  23. Mary Lou Edwards says:

    I’d shine a spotlight on my memoir LOOK BACK, BUT DON’T STARE available from Amazon. The power of stories to heal and validate can be life-changing! Grazie…

  24. Robin Stanfield says:

    I would promote my flip flops that my partner and I created. We are two working moms with busy schedules and spend time working at night on our projects. My dream is to be able to quit my full time job and be full time at my own company.

  25. Kimberly K Kelly says:

    Women’s fiction novels (written by myself) about mid-life woman changing their lives, reinventing themselves, venturing out, discovering who they are, fulfilling their personal dreams, and triumphing over their own fears and limitations.

  26. Cherie Jackson says:

    I would promote the Jindilli Macadamia oil based skincare range because it is so healing for women over 50. We grow the macadamias on our farms in Australia, then put loads of the oil into our skincare products so that they really work. Take a look at

  27. Tina says:

    To be able to sell my clothes EASILY, VERY EASILY, at low cost for using a site as well!

  28. Karen Julien says:

    Susan Goodman’s book Pursue Possibilities – One of the best gifts we can give ourselves and those around us is the courage and permission to explore our positive possibilities. By simply saying yes to our goals and opportunities, we can make our contribution to the world. And along the way discover the joy and satisfaction that comes automatically with a life lived on purpose. Pursue Possibilities gives support, encouragement and unconventional ideas to help you see possibilities where you couldn’t before. It’s designed to help you choose instead of excuse, push through fears and understand the importance of thoughts and intentions. It will cause you to think about what you want and what you believe everyday. Go All-in with your possibilities instead of going in circles with them and you will find you not only have more fun and productive days but you will also pursue a more interesting and joyful life.

  29. Gina Borcherding says:

    Vemma! Nutritional health. liquid vitamins & Minerals, in a healthy energy drink, tea or just straight up, many delivery options.

  30. Tanna Paradis says:

    I would promote my line of vintage adorned jewelry and accessories made from vintage findings and trim. It is sold online at

  31. HAMID says:

    Hi, we’re a new biological RNA iron fertilizer manufacturer.
    We export Marble Black.
    You can contact us.
    Thank you.

  32. Line Beck says:

    I would promote Reconnective Healing! It changes lives, saves lives, and is the most amazing way we can ALL heal others, ourselves and the Planet. Yes, miracles do happen when we facilitate and share these easily accessible frequensies. What a gift Dr. Eric Pearl has opened up for us to share! And until now he has taught more than 80.000 people, from 4 to 90 years old and literally all over the world, Reconnective Healing. But every one of us should know that we are all healers, and just need a little “nudge” to use this ability to its fullest. To the benefit of all!

  33. Debbie Mehaffy says:

    I would support women to believe that they are unique, whole and complete…despite what they may have grown up to believe… With love from my heart to yours…..Debbie xxxx

  34. donna ginsburg says:

    Selling & promoting a nutritional and anti-aging product line called Isagenix

  35. Laura Black says:

    I would sell my expertise from being an interior designer for the past 30 years on line. I would also sell a few of my cuff jewelry that I have made from my Mothers old jewelry.

  36. Theresa says:

    Id promote and offer business opportunities of my skin care product line of Redeem and Renew Skin Solutions A new Innovative product with fast results!

  37. Poetrybug says:

    I would give every woman over fifty, a small circle of friends who participate in a meaningful book club. This club would meet to discuss responses to a book they all read since their last meeting, a book that would bring out the heart and soul of what it is to be a woman in our age group, facing the challenges of our lives and with a common thread in the tapestry of possibility.

  38. Mary V says:

    I would promote the creative side of me – passions I’m too practical to promote now, concerned w/steady employment: my polymer clay boxes, such as wonderful medium to create with!!, and my 7 year creation of Heritage Albums (6 albums/600+ scrapbook pages!) My Heritage Albums trace my family tree back to St Lucia in the mid 1880s, including documents such as marriage certificates.

  39. Judy Parkey says:

    I have gone from working to retired to refurbished in the past 6 months! I now refurbish old furniture with my own concoction of chalk paint and sell it. I also do custom work.

  40. Susan says:

    I would love to see women sell their gently used classy items here–like handbags or jewelry—like a women’s exchange. I love beautiful elegant things, such as those found in Europe and on The Satorialist shots of classy older women in Europe, but I live in the boonies and do not have access to them. How about natural fiber DRESSES that are NOT made for hookers or grammas? Maybe something along the lines of Cut Loose’s LINEN ruffle-necked dress that was sold by “Soft Surrondings” last year and looks so incredibly fabulous with T-straps and little dangle earrings? Also, I like a few of the suggestions below, such as the EVOO and savory butters–as long as everything is organic and artisan-crafted. How about a cosmetics line along the lines of RMS? How about natural perfumery along the lines of “Scents of the Soul” from Italy? I may be close to 60 but I am not ready to die, lol and I want beautiful, classic, elegant, well-made items that are quality.

  41. Sue-Rae Rosenfeld says:

    I am starting a new business as a “Patient Advocate and Health Care System Navigator”

  42. lori rizzo says:

    I have some specialty food products I give to my catering clients some of which are amazing salad dressings, and flavored savory butters.

  43. Sheila Kelly says:

    Our website,, bringing delight and joy into our lives!

  44. Kyah says:

    I used to hand paint tote bags and t-shirts and got tired of it because people didn’t appreciate the amount of time and effort placed into creating them. So I took my designs and placed them on products in Cafe Press.

  45. Janice says:

    I have found a product this company sells that all women love but I am 62 and think it’s a great findd for us more mature women!!
    I now present this product and would love to be featured on your site.
    3D fiber lash product that creates instant longer and fuller lashes without glue or extensions. Is applied like mascara!

  46. Cheryl says:

    I am an artist…would love to promote myself !!

  47. Pam Friedlander says:

    I am owner of Positive Reflections, Wardrobe and Image Consulting.
    I work with women and help them look and feel Beautiful at any Size,any Age
    any Time. My mission is teaching women that looking polished and put together is very achievable, affordable and not only for the rich and famous.

  48. Caryn Gilbert-Nikolaou says:

    We bottle organic extra virgin olive oil pressed from olives from our very own grove in Greece!

  49. Justina Wilson says:

    I would love to help promote my daughter’s home party business that have changed our live thru wraps and health products!


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