Sherry Makes A Spring Statement

FOF Sherry Hood, 57, told us she “loves” the Ming Wang spring jacket she won in one of FOF’s fab contests. A ¾-sleeve, collared jacquard, retailing for $289, it comes in a soft spearmint shade that’s complemented with dramatic black studs.

“I’ve been in media all of my adult life, as a radio and TV reporter and anchor, print and TV model, and in radio and TV sales,” says Sherry, who is currently a media sales executive and corporate underwriter. She made a fashion statement at work when she wore the beautiful green jacket. “I got compliment after compliment.“

Sherry enjoys the “versatility” of her new open jacket.

“I can change into a black dress and voila, I’m good to go for dinner and cocktails. I’ll take a Cucumber Mojito!” she chuckles.

Ming Wang has a beautiful line of versatile and functional clothing, sold at Nordstrom. The pieces are expertly-crafted and incredibly comfortable. Take a peek here!

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  1. Brooks says:

    Love it! That color is so popular right now, too


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