The Many Minds of Single FOFs On The Subject of Dating

Yes, and met a great man at my 35th class reunion.”
Toni Ruggiero

No, I like to vacation where I want, eat what I like, and I have plenty of friends to go out with. Don’t need a man.”
Claudine Aquino Lavalou

Yes, and I’m getting tired of it.”  
Sasha Sue

No! My husband died 4 1/2 years ago and I am NEVER going through that kind of pain again! Plus, I’m kinda lovin’ my independence.”
Lori Logan Goniwicha

I’m 66, the guy would have to be no older than 40.”
Jacquelina Foley-Klein

Engaged but no pressure to marry.”
Yvette Toms

I have an ex who I love dearly. We are there for each other always. He lives in one state, I live in another. Works great!”
Izzi Waldrop

Nothing serious at the moment but would love to find a partner eventually to share life’s adventures with.”
Roger Karney

I would like to be dating! Any takers??”
Mike Beiser

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