Sometimes It’s Delicious to be Guilty

Chocolate anything chocolate.”
Roxie Black
Pizza, I could eat it all the time.”
Suzanne Firestein Latocha
Red wine.”
Cheryl Schumacher

Fresh bread, loads of butter and jam 😋😋.”
Lisa Kennedy
Warm brownie & vanilla ice cream on top.”
Cindi Moss-Caraccilo
Mi Mim
Cheeseburgers (done right) no fast food ones.”
Laureen Cobuccio
Doritos. Any flavor.”
Callie Stalcup Chesmore
Ice cream!”
Barbara Kieran
My wife.”
Roger England
Cake, vodka and chips 🍟.”
Allyson Pickering
Barb Cartwright
Borrowing babies!”
Charlene Burton
Cake and glazed donuts.”
Georgette Reed
Peanut butter.”
Nora Coleman Kyle
Made In Chelsea.”
Marie Elliott

Sorbet can take me to heaven.”
Nina Nicolas Fiefe

Joyce Milne Shand

Kerry Stilwell

Laura Lee

“Fried chicken.”
Rose Summers

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