She’ll Turn A Piece of Your Clothing Into A Piece of (Wearable) Art!

I am complimented every time I wear my paint splatter tee shirt or sweatpants, and my sister Shelley loves her swing dress! So does her husband. My tee shirt used to be plain white, but I got ink on it, so my daughter Simone turned it into a piece of art!


Before joining me at FabOverFifty, talented Simone was a textiles designer in the apparel industry. She started embellishing her own clothes and handbags long before the look became wildly popular.  Today, you can find paint splatter on everyday clothes like jeans and tees to some of the fanciest (and most expensive) clothes in town!

If you’d like to have something you already own, or a new piece of clothing, artistically splattered with paint, send Simone a photo of the item and she’ll tell you what it will cost. Prices start at a reasonable $40, and depend on the item and whether you want the front or back painted, or both front and back. You also can discuss with Simone whether you want one, two or many colors.

Simone uses high-quality, washable paint. The colors have remained vibrant, even after I’ve machine washed my sweatpants and tee shirt many times. And, the paint is completely safe. If you’re buying a baby gift, think how pretty a set of white tees or onesies would look after Simone performs her magic on them!

If you’re not sure an item can be painted, send a photo, and Simone will let you know. Her email is


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  1. Julianne Zausmer says:

    I saw Shelley’s swing dress, and it is absolutely gorgeous! Simone did a beautiful job! Very lovely!

    • Geri Brin says:

      Thanks, Julianne. Shelley looks wonderful in the dress!


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