{Street-Spotted} Colleen Golin

We spotted this FOF, Colleen Golin at Pascalou bistro on 93rd St and Madison Avenue, lunching, laughing and catching up with her best friend. We couldn’t help but notice her springy hues and classy style, jazzed up with her best accessory…confidence.

Name: Colleen Golin

Age: 51

Where are you from? Wall, New Jersey

What are you doing today? Having lunch, shopping and enjoying this beautiful weather with my best friend Sharon. We’ve been best friends for 10 years. We open the stores and close them. We used to do it with the bars…

What do you do? I am a retired attorney.

Do you have a passion project?
Piano. I started taking it three years ago. I borrowed a junky keyboard to start…ended up with a Steinway. Me with my piano is like Thurman Munson with the Learjet.

How would you describe your style? Pretty classic but I like to update it with the trends. I try to stay age-appropriate though. I don’t want to look like a granny.

What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe? Probably my orange Biern bag from my sister’s store, Entrée in Port Washington, N.Y. Sarah Jessica Parker wore it in Sex and the City, but my sister’s store had it first!

Do you have a ritual for getting dressed in the morning?
I usually start with the bottoms and then build up from there. I ask myself  “Are we going somewhere?”
My daughter was best dressed in high school. I have a very good mentor. We both have matching Tiffany key necklaces – mine is a heart, hers is a fleur-de-lis. The other day I asked her if she wanted to borrow mine and she said “No way!”

ScarfAnn Taylor Loft – $34.50
ShirtAnn Taylor Loft – 2 for $25, 30% off
PantsNorma Kamali – About $130
Bracelets: Assorted John Hardy Bracelets and Silpada “Popcorn” Bracelet
NecklaceTiffany Heart Key
SandalsHavianas in gold, $24.95
BagBeirn in orange

Photos by Katherine McPherson for faboverfifty.com

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  1. Marjip says:

    Sounds like such a fun way to spend time with a friend. The Beirn bag would be my favorite too. But, I also love the jewelry. Oh my, I’d like to have it all!


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