Stop and Smell the…

“Patchouli oil; the smell of the hippies in Het Vondelpark in Amsterdam when I was sitting there with them secretly skipping my school lessons as a 15-year-old girl (46 years ago now).
Miriam Brink
“Jean Naté (mom), geraniums and a cupboard full of soaps and bath towels (grandma), fresh cut lawn (dad)!❤️🎉
Patti Wyckoff Warren
  “Old Spice, my dad. The smell of onions and celery cooking reminds me of my mom’s cooking for Christmas dinner. 😢
Shannon Rarig
A tarot reader told me my deceased mother was handing me red roses and gave me their name Passing Clouds. I knew nothing about roses, so I planted a  bare rooted stick. In the spring it grew leaves, then buds. When they finally opened, I instantly recognized the perfume from my childhood family garden!
Linda Sutherland
Jergens face cream! Every time I open the bottle it  brings me loving beautiful memories of my mom and tears of how much I miss her! But I know she is happy with my daddy in heaven & in no more pain ❤️.
Jose-Inez Tejada Martinez
Honeysuckle in my grandparents’ yard…summertime, by the ocean. Ahhhh.
Susan Flynn
 “Cigar. Reminds me of my grandpa.”
Carol Fede
 The smell of patent leather shoes!! My mom would buy my sister and me the real patent leather shoes that you could polish with this black polish, especially for patent leather.
Joyce Calderon Larson
Orange blossoms when my hubby and I were dating. We would ride his Harley through the orange groves.
Kathy Williams
“Dirt, reminds me of going to a cellar during storms.
Penny Acker
“My grandmother’s lightly burnt toast and lilacs.
Terry McCrossan
My grandfather’s pipe which had a sweet cherry odor. Salt water from the front porch of my grandparents’ home in Massachusetts.. Shoe polish, baking cupcakes. I have so many. They always bring a tear and a smile.
June Brown
“A specific coffee. When I smell it I get transported to my Oma’s kitchen in Germany. I don’t know the name of the coffee.
Nanette Miche-Schwartzmeyer
Vicks VapoRub when I was sick! Still love that smell!
Laura Gouvion
Lifebuoy, the soap my father always bought and used since the Canadians brought it with them when they came to liberate the Netherlands in World War II.
Miriam Brink
“Coppertone! Instant teenage beach memories.
Candace Naylor Swenson Laska

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