{Street-Spotted} Deborah Sofferman

Putting together an outfit that is the perfect marriage of comfortable and chic can be nearly impossible. Yet Deborah Sofferman, an interfaith minister, is a pro at marrying together the seemingly divergent–from couples to clothing. FOF spotted her outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Name: Deborah Sofferman

Age: Over 50

Where are you from? New York City

Where do you live now? Connecticut and New York City

What do you do? Interfaith minister, wedding officiate, spiritual counselor and sleep therapy consultant

Any passion projects? It is enormously gratifying to help others discover the spiritual truth about their identity. In addition, it is an honor to create beautiful and unique wedding ceremonies that convey the love and commitment of couples of all ages!

How would you describe your style? Comfortable, classic, creative and easy.

Do you have a routine for picking out your outfit each day? When I’m in the Connecticut countryside, it’s relaxed and casual.  When I have appointments with clients in New York, I like to wear sophisticated and elegant clothing.

What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe? A sincere smile — priceless!

Do you have any style advice for other FOFs? A healthy perspective heals everything.  When your thoughts are helpful, you feel good and therefore, look good. And when you smile because you are content, it’s infectious.

On Deborah:
Aqua sweater: Eskandar
Blue shirt: Go Silk
Sunglasses: Robert Marc
Jean leggings: Doesn’t remember
Bag: Goyard Tote
Bracelet: Hermes

Photos by Katherine McPherson for faboverfifty.com

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  1. Alex Shol says:

    Absolutely love this outfit!

  2. Sophia says:

    Such a beautiful woman with impeccable style! (she’s also a great mom!) xoxo

    • Jorge says:

      On the list: puppet show shirt in red ggnahim with linen shorts. 2+2 skirt in duck egg blue corduroy with a white dot. Hopscotch top in white bamboo jersey. Self-drafted suntop in Liberty tana lawn for me. Finish quilt top. Make another quilt for my sister from Little Folks voile. Various Christmas presents inc dolls clothes. Various refashionings of too untrendy, tight or otherwise unsuitable garments. And now I want all the new patterns and all the City Weekend line to play with.Oh, and start new childcare business, clean house, look after 3 year old, cook dinner, try to be a nice wife :-)Liesl I don’t know how you do it!

  3. Lina says:

    Hi Donna! I know you 🙂 Thanks for commenting! xo, Lina

  4. Marjip says:

    Totally agree that a healthy perspective is healing & that a smile says more than a few words could. You’re a sweet, smart FOF woman and I’d be delighted to have a chat with you.

  5. donna scherling says:

    love the entire look,,,especially the eskandar sweater…..

  6. carol y l says:

    I do like the colors, for sure!

  7. KMJ says:

    I love what she has to say about “a sincere smile”–I will now consider that to be part of my wardrobe as well! Great style. I also love the layers of blue. Refreshing and bright.


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