{Street-Spotted} Mother and Daughter

We spotted this Portland FOF, Lisa Johnson, 52, and her daughter McCall, 21, outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While resting their feet after a day of touring, they chatted with FOF about Portland, their passions and even a shopping secret that McCall taught Lisa.

Where are you from?
Portland, Oregon

What are you doing today?
Lisa: Touring, visiting. The truth is I’m here to see a cancer specialist. I was just diagnosed with a Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Now we are at the Met [Metropolitan Museum of Art].

What was your favorite exhibit?
Lisa: The Victorian collage photography. It was incredible. It was a lot like the art she (McCall) does.

What kind of art do you do?
McCall: A little bit of everything.

Lisa: She’s taking an art class right now.

McCall: I’ve been doing a lot of screen-printing and trying to sell it at the markets in Portland. The patch is one of my screen prints. I bought the cardigan. It’s second hand. Pretty much everything I’m wearing is second-hand.

Is your necklace vintage?
McCall: My sister and my roommate gave me all the charms and I put them on the chain.

Lisa: Show her the bone

McCall: See, there’s a little spine.

Lisa: She does a lot of art with bones.

We love your scarf, Lisa, where is that from?
Lisa: It’s pashmina. I just love it. A friend from Gainesville, Florida, sent it to me for keeping her son, he was in Portland for a Phish concert.

What is your favorite store?
Lisa: Ann Taylor, it’s my age. I love shopping at William Temple, a wonderful thrift store in Northwest Portland. McCall got me to go there. I had never been thrifting and she taught me how. The funniest part was when we got home she said “Now Mom, wash your hands.” That’s what Moms usually say.

What do you do?
Lisa: I’m a teacher, counselor and speaker. I do Christian women’s groups – faith-based motivational speaking.

Do you have a passion project?
Lisa: We go in and out of Africa. There’s so much work to be done there. We have churches that sponsor work in the community. My husband is a minister, an artist and an actor. He does a one-man show there to raise money for Hope Worldwide. He’s so funny.

What do you think of this part of your life?
It’s fabulous being fifty. It’s a time in your life that’s wonderful.

Photos by Katherine McPherson for faboverfifty.com
Victorian Collage image via The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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  1. Mary Anne Bouton says:

    What a wonderful mom-daughter team. So much work done for others! My prayers go out to mom-Lisa, McCall and dad. I lost my mom some time ago and love to hear mom-daugther stories. Love to you both and many prayers for your safe keeping.
    The one thing I know for sure is that all things are possible with God.
    Bless you,


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