{Street-Spotted} Ruth Schlossberg

You can’t get more summery and chic than white from head to toe–but not everyone can pull it off. FOF Ruth Schlossberg clearly can. We spotted her taking Roxy and Ritter for an afternoon stroll.

Name: Ruth Schlossberg

Age: 57

What do you do? I just launched an interior design business, OM Home. We specialize in creating luxurious holistic environments for our clients.

Where do you live? I split my time between NYC, Miami and North Carolina. My business is based out of Miami, I have an apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and I have a horse farm in North Carolina where I go to recharge.

What are you doing right now? Walking my dogs and on my way to a store! I’m with my friend and client – we just came back from Santa Monica. I travel a lot!

How would you describe your style? My friend says it’s eclectic. I buy what I like and wear it forever… I don’t let seasonal fads dictate what I wear.

Do you have a signature piece? I wear my Philip Stein watch every day. I just love it. It comes with changeable bands.

Where are your favorite places to shop? I do a lot of online shopping… Zappos.com, Bluebee.com and Saks and Henri Bendel here in N.Y.

On Ruth:
Tunic and Pants —
Victoria’s Secret
Sandals —
From India
Sunglasses —
Chanel. My friends got them for me as a gift for my last birthday.
Earrings — Samuel Getz. My friends gifted them to me on my 50th birthday. Samuel Getz is just a fabulous world class jeweler carried at Neimans.
Bracelet —
David Yurman. I switch this up with a diamond bracelet in the evening.
Watch — Philip Stein
BagIsabella Fiore carried by Neimans, Zitomer and Bergdorf’s.

Images by Katherine McPherson for faboverfifty.com

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8 Responses to “{Street-Spotted} Ruth Schlossberg”

  1. Kimberly says:

    Good question. Usually it’s more like I think I will love a book and end up diinikslg it. Funny Arianne Cruz (above) mentions a book by Charlaine Harris though – I read one of her mystery novels because it was part of a book pack I got cheap on Ebay. I thought “Shakespeare’s Champion” would turn out to be boring, not to mention it dips into work-out and weight lifting, but I ended up loving the characters and storyline. In fact I bought the rest of the whole series afterwards!

  2. Izonk says:

    AnonymousGreat idea for the cape, my daughter loves to play dress up. Thanks for a lot of great ideas of how to reuse items and make them new. We need more of this today! Robin, Plainfield, IL

  3. Kelly Campbell says:

    I definitely have better taste in art, but my taste in art is my personal taste….I love landscapes and florals….I love nature in it’s truest beauty. I love art with kids and animals, I love innocence. Something there is far to little of in this world. That is what I want to stare at when I am looking at my art. That or the look of sweet antiques, and homey rooms, places to relax and unwind, places without stress or the hustle and bustle we all seem to be trapped in today.

  4. Olga Martin says:

    Hi Ruth, I just wanted to share that you are such an inspiration! I grew up in Miami, lived in Manhattan for 12 years and then moved to LA for 18 plus years, so I think we have a little in common. I also have done a little interior design, mostly for myself when flipping homes in LA and just LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!

    You don’t look a day over 45, either. Bless your heart!

    Yours, Olga L. Martin (the initials of your company)

  5. Moonchime says:

    I think that Ruth Schlossberg is absolutely stunning!!!! I would love to have her entire outfit. She’s elegant and truly exquisite.~Moonchime

  6. Ivy says:

    Love her style! I also don’t let trends dictate what I wear. If it looks and feels good, I wear it.

  7. Robyn says:

    Ruth I love your style, you have class. I love your dogs too, I want them.

  8. Kathryn says:

    Whether Ruth Schlossberg is uptown or downtown she can do it all, and always looks the best.


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