Who Needs Permission?

“Why does anyone need ‘permission’ to do anything? Don’t look for permission or approval, just do it, and live with the results of your actions.”
Diane O.

“Have I been caught in a time warp? Women having been doing everything they want to do, & pretty well at that, for a long time now. If you’re with a man who can’t take care of himself (or you) for a while, then maybe you need to spend some time figuring out why.”
Nancy P.

I am NOT permitted! I choose. This is 2017 not the 1950s”
Denise S.

Women are obsessed about men? None of the women I know are obsessed about men.”
Johanna M.

Are we in the 30’s again?”
Anita C.

Eye roll – who told her that? I’m allowed to be obsessed with my job all I want!”
Diane M.

“ ‘Permitted’?? Bless her heart. She must be a sad case.”
Cindy E.

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