{Style Expert} Not your granny’s bathrobe!

Rub-a-dub-dub…Here are three bathrobes that won’t make you look like a schlub! FOF style experts Linda Cohen and Gail Garramone share comfy coverings for every FOF:

For the cuddle-bunny FOF:
In your life, comfort comes first, but style is a close second.

Left: Josie ‘Dream’ Robe from Nordstrom, $78. “This one is a favorite,” says Linda. “I love the soft faux shearling texture of the collar and cuffs and the cozy feeling of a menswear-styled, belted robe.”

Right: Bellissima Robe from Soft Surroundings, $79.95. “This robe is a work of art,” says Gail. “It’s both elegant and comfortable.”

Bottom: Ugg Cable Knit Slippers from Garnett Hill, $100. “Ugg slippers are my favorite,” says Gail. “Warm fur on cold feet is a heavenly combo. Because they have rubber soles, I would even wear them outside.”


For the glam, not-gram, FOF:
You’re a Hollywood bombshell meets bath-belle.

Top left: Oscar de la Renta ‘Such a Flirt’ Robe from Nordstrom, $74. “This is very Hollywood diva,” says Linda. “The ruffle detailing brings home something dressy enough to wear out at night.”

Top right: Mary Green Sleeping Silk Eye Mask from Linda’s Online, $15. “The ultimate glam get-away-from-it all,” says Gail. “Shut your eyes in style!”

Bottom left: AE Sequin Ballet Flat from American Eagle Outfitters, $29.50. “You could wear these fur-lined flats with your robe, or pull on jeans and head to the store. No one needs to know they’re slippers.”

Bottom right: Silk Velvet Robe from Soft Surroundings, $148.95. “It’s a decadent dream,” says Gail. “You can channel Ava Gardner.”


For the fashionista FOF:
You want something stylish enough to wear out, but so comfy you won’t leave the house.

Top left: Ruffle Trim Robe from Garnett Hill, $198. “This looks like something a prima ballerina would wear in her dressing room before the show,” says Linda.

Top right: Bedhead Circa 1960’s White Cotton Kimono Robe from Sleepyheads.com, $128. “The print on this one reminds me of wallpaper I had in high school!” says Linda.

Bottom left: Burberry Check Print Robe from Nordstrom, $175. “Comfortable and classic. You’ll wear this for 50 more years.”

Bottom right: Cashmere Slippers from White + Warren, $160. “Cashmere slippers are a 10 on a scale of deliciousness,” says Gail. “They’re like wafting on wisps of clouds.”


For the FOF purist:
You need a robe where form and function go hand-in-hand.

Top left: St. Tropez Signature Spa Robe, from Luxor Linens, $126.”Spa robes are perfect for post-shower drying off or pre-bed cuddling up and they actually get softer each time you wash them,” says Gail.

Top right: Tattersall Flannel Robe from Brooks Brothers, $95. “Brooks Brothers’ flannel robes are super warm and soft but also very light and thin so they won’t make you look bulky,” says Linda.

Bottom: Charter Club Slippers, Velour Scuff from Macy’s, $15.98. “Velour is like a less expensive cousin to cashmere…classic, comfy and soft,” says Linda.


Gail Garramone is a veteran V.P. of Liz Claiborne Inc. where she traveled around the country with Tim Gunn producing fashion workshops.

Linda Cohen is head buyer for the FOF shop, has her own fashion consulting, merchandising and closet organizing business and owned a New York clothing store for 27 years.

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  1. mabolf says:

    Love love love them!

  2. sharon910 says:

    oh this would be great for me I’m cold all the time and it looks great and comfy warm

  3. Cynthia Chambers says:

    These are lovely, comfy looking robes! The Glam and Fashionista robes are awesome!

  4. Irishstar says:

    I am definitely a cozy, comfort kind of gal. Especially after a winter like we are having give me long, give me soft, give me cuddly!

  5. fabulous mimi says:

    Lots of deserving and fabulous women out here so dserving of these fabulous items in the giveaways…wWnderful!!!! Selections Fab over Fifty!!! Great Job!!!

  6. fabulous mimi says:

    Nothing better than a cozy robe on a cold morning, or evening to make you feel warm and snuggly…Instant mood make-over!

    • Zayneb says:

      when you finished mnvoig house can you do a room tour and your living room tour or the whole house . your house looks soo cool thats th colour i would use in like every room LOOL :)x

  7. Robyn says:

    Wow, really great choices ! Love everyone of them !

    • Hassane says:

      in love with the anne campbell poem. jill is ainzmag! have a fabulous weekend my dear. sending you all kinds of friday hugs and love! tomorrow we will be in hot dog heaven!!!xo

  8. sherie says:

    the robe from soft surroundings looks so warm and comfy. i think i will order one for this winter. i just love the look of it!! thanks for the great ideas! heres to sleeping and lounging in comfort!

  9. Andy Lawley says:

    LOVE this robe. PERFECT for our mountain winters and the extreme cold and snow that we’ve had so far.

  10. Jane says:

    I feel comfy and cozy just looking at these! Great roundup.

  11. Dorothy Borgese says:

    I sleep facedown to the point of almost suffication. Love the styles. Thankzzz for the opportunity.

    • Ixay says:

      i’ve started doing a lttile online shopping…emphasis on a lttile…i bought a baby’s first christmas ornament! lolthese crafts would be great for our school day…i love to have creative time every day!


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