{Style Expert} Shape Up! Shapewear that puts muffin tops and rolls where they belong–on the breakfast table.

Body confidence expert Lisa Cole travels the country helping women find the undergarments that shape, smooth and tighten all their trouble spots. Having used her services firsthand, we know this woman has a gift. Here, she shares her 5 favorite shapewear solutions for FOFs.

Trouble Spot: Back Rolls (or “back bacon” as Lisa calls them) and a saggy bustline.

Lisa’s Solution: A Shapewear Camisole provides an instant lift for the bust plus shape and support for trouble spots on the back.

Best Bet: TC Fine Intimates Firm-Control Full Figure Shapewear Camisole


Trouble Spot: “Burrito Rolls” (the stomach bulge that appears in high-waisted pants and skirts)

Lisa’s Solution: “A shapewear brief eliminates lower belly challenges you may face while wearing skirts, dresses and other clingy garments.. Ideal for someone who wants to have control but not be smashed down.”

Best Bet: TC Fine Intimates Cuff Top Brief


Trouble Spot: A thick waist.

Lisa’s Solution: “The Torsette. Va Voom! Is that you when you were 22? This amazing shaper narrows your waist and smoothes back rolls. Make sure you’re wearing the right size bra (very important). Perfect for evening and black tie dressing.

Best Bet: TC Fine Intimates Firm-Control Torsette

Trouble Spot: Flabby thighs

Lisa’s Solution: “The pantliner is light as a feather and helps fight those cumbersome jiggles and saddle bags that can appear in skinny pants.”

Best Bet: TC Fine Intimates Pant Liner


Trouble Spot: A shapeless rear

Lisa’s Solution: “We’ve all had issues with sagging, shapeless behinds. Hi-waist shapewear with bike pants help you keep it all together. It has reinforcement in the rear for shaping and lift.”

Best Bet: TC Fine Intimates Hi-Waist Bike Pant

Images via lingerie fit expert and TC

0 Responses to “{Style Expert} Shape Up! Shapewear that puts muffin tops and rolls where they belong–on the breakfast table.”

  1. BlueBear says:

    I find all of these shapewear brands a boondoggle on women! If you get one to lift or tuck your rear, it’s too tight in the leg and causes bulges there. The tops never fit the bustline correctly and cause more bulges under the arms and also create a muffin top. Aside from those very legitimate complaints, they are HOT and who needs that when you’re over fifty and hot anyway? What a colossal waste of time and money!

  2. Anne says:

    @Margaret – it is horrible. No way would I wear any of these in our 90+ heat and 80% + humidity. Crazy! (I wouldn’t wear these anyway, I like to breathe!)

  3. Margaret says:

    As a woman who is hot and sweaty and living in 90+ degree heat of California, not to mention women who live in areas of high humidity, what is it like to wear these layers of body hugging fabric?

  4. Linda says:

    Flexees undergarments are cute, non-binding and easy on the wallet–you can get them at Macy’s. Spanx are wonderful, a little pricier. TJ Maxx has Delta Burke & Marilyn Monroe shapers–sexy, lacy and comfortable for rock-bottom prices–just really low stock. All of these lines have 1X-4X sizing. And then there’s Lane Bryant-embrace your curves & knock out your man (men?!)–fabu undergarments

  5. Barbara Burns says:

    You show a mature figure in the ‘before’ picture but when showing the shape wear you use a model with no problem area at all. This does not seem ethical. It seems like deceptive advertising and does not honor real women. I don’t think any of us expect miracles but seeing a realistic view of how these products will work for women with our mature and natural shapes would honor us all.

  6. Trisha says:

    Instead of showing the garments on models, why not show them on the original- the person in your “before” photo?

  7. evensonpaul says:

    I am tired of seeing the models for many of these foundation garments all a small size that really do not need them. Yes, I admit and agree that seeing garments on thinner people makes them look more attractive, but how about having two models one thin and one not. And I do not mean the ladies who are well proportioned in larger sizes – you know, a size 14 who is perfectly proportioned for her height.

  8. Sharon says:

    On the pantliner – they look too long to wear with most cropped pants and at $56 a pop–too expensive. On the bicycle pants with high waist-most are not long enough to wear with pants without showing thigh fat/bulge on the lower thigh (near the knee area). These look too short to work with any of my pants. The Torsette looks like a winner though! Please make another product for the thigh/butt area that is @ knee length and less $!


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