{Style Expert} What are you REALLY wearing this winter?

Three of our most fashionable FOFs reveal the uniforms that keep them chic and warm from December to March.

Linda Cohen, head buyer for the FOF shop, founder of her own NY-based fashion consulting and merchandising business.

1. A double-breasted, black trench. “When you find a good trench coat, it’s worth the investment. You can wear them 10 months of the year, they’re all-purpose, and they never go out of style.”
Try: Trench Coat by Derek Lam, $990.

2. A Faliero Sarti scarf. “My color palette in the winter is mostly blacks, grays and camels. I break it up with pretty, colored scarves. I splurge on the ones by Faliero Sarti because I wear them year round; as a shawl in the summer and around my neck in the winter.”
Try: “Raw Edge Scarf” by Faliero Sarti, $570.

3. A long grandfather-style cardigan. “I like grandfather-style cardigans because they give you a nice lean look and they’re comfy. They also hide my trouble spots–my thighs and mid-section– so only I know what’s underneath…”
Try: Zigzag Cardigan by Inhabit, $388.

4. Thick, black leggings. “The ones I like best are thick, comfortable and never lose shape. They go with a casual cardigan during the day or I swap in a shimmery top and wear them out at night.”
Try: “Elly Legging” in black by Theory, $190.

5. Black Frye riding boots. “I remember wearing Frye boots in college and I’m still wearing them in a different style. They give you that military, biker edge but in a very classic way.”
“Dorado Classic Riding Boots” by Frye, $479.

6. Jewelry by Lulu Frost, “I love her vintage-inspired pieces. She’s so creative. I’ve been following her for years. Now, J.Crew carries her designs.”
Try: “Heirloom Crystalline Cameo Bracelet” by Lulu Frost for J.Crew, $135.

Stacy Wallace-Albert, personal stylist and wardrobe coach to the Chicago glitterati and founder of TheFashionEditor.com

1. Custom made coyote vest by Greg Tinder of Tsarevich.com. “It seemed over the top until this season, but now it’s perfect with the revival of 70s fashion.”
Try: “Feathered Coyote Vest” by Sofia Cashmere from Neiman Marcus, $695.

2. A 70s-inspired disco blouse. “I think everyone needs a good disco blouse. They’re easy to find at vintage stores, but I’d stay away from the ones with the bows at the neck, no matter what anyone tells you.”
Try: 1970 Handicraft Embroidered Baby Blue Pure Silk Blouse from Etsy Seller ChezMargot, $32.

3. Slim MiH jeans. “I wear them tucked into boots. I love the fit, the weight and the color of the denim. They’re so dark blue, they’re almost black and they’re super soft without being thin.”
Try: “The Oslo Jean” by MiH in “Kara” wash, $89.

4. Black Costume National round-toe, ankle boots. “I got them ten years ago. They were the first boots I paid more than $150 for.”
Try: “Side Button Ankle Boots” by Costume National, $524.99

5. A paisley-print mens Etro scarf. “Men’s scarves are less expensive, richer and larger because they are made from wool chalis.”
Try: “Paisley Scarf” by Etro, $278.

Sandra Soich, FOF wardrobe stylist to the stars and founder of YourFashionTherapist.com

1. Cream-colored, cashmere sweaters from Calypso. “They’re the best cashmere. If I spend $200 to $250 on a sweater I’m over the moon, because I can wear it at night and during the day.”
Try: “Slouchy Double Vee” by Calypso in “Almond,” $225.

2. Carol Haggiag Tinkerbell charm on a string. “My style is conservative with a twist. Lately for that twist, I wear accessories by my friend, Carol. I wear her little gold Tinkerbell charm on a string.”
Try: Tinkerbell Charm Necklace from Etsy Seller Kikiburrabeads, $15.

3. Black Jeans from Gap or J.Crew. I’m a jeans person, I love good jeans. Right now I’m loving ones from Gap and the black ‘Matchstick’ jeans from J.Crew.
Try: “Overdyed Black Denim Matchstick Jeans” from J.Crew, $98.

4. Scarves from every other corner in Manhattan.“I have these cheap Pashmina knock-offs in about 15 colors. If I’m wearing black, I’ll add a bright raspberry or coral scarf for a pop of color.  You don’t need to spend $300 on a scarf.”
Try: “Best Soft Pashmina Scarf” in various colors, $6.99.

5. Suede crepe-soled Robert Clergerie Oxfords. “I got them at the end of last season and they have a really thick, 1-inch sole with a flat bottom. Comfort is paramount. I’ve been styling since 1983; I used to run around in any old shoe, but these days, I need something comfortable.”
Try: “Feydo” oxfords by Robert Clergerie, $368.25.

5 Responses to “{Style Expert} What are you REALLY wearing this winter?”

  1. Marcia says:

    Loved Linda’s selections !
    I usually don’t like many FOF outfits.

  2. Ali says:

    I’m sorry for someone’s ducks getting killed but dogs do that too, would you kill someone’s dog for doing that?
    With all the faux fur out there these days, do we really need to be killing animals for fashion? And beware of faux fur from China that is actually dog and other animals with a label that states otherwise. Some of these animals are skinned while they are still alive. As we grow older, shouldn’t we be getting more compassionate?

  3. kat mccarthy says:


  4. carol y l says:

    Very nice and great ideas! Being in CA, at home, I don’t have a chance to be too fancy but some of these looks I can do every day and some for special occasions.

  5. Toby Wollin says:

    A lot depends on what happens to you between your front door and your workplace and where you are. Where I am, in Upstate New York, since I walk to work and the streets and sidewalks are pretty messy, I need a boot that is frankly a lot less fashionable and a lot more ‘grippy’ than what is being shown here. I wear a boot with a big cleated sole, heavy tights and if it’s really bad, wool socks on top. I also wear a good tightly woven pant (though if I wear lined wool pants, I usually change out of the heavy tights once I get into the office). On the top, I’m usually wearing some sort of thinnish knit top (with or without a turtleneck) and a not-very-heavy wool sweater. If it’s really horrible out, I wear the same top with a thin wool v-neck and then put on a cardi as well, under my insulated wool topcoat. Those are all layers that I can put into my locker at work so that I don’t roast to death. On top, I always wear a wool hat and various forms of gloves/mittens, etc. If I did not walk to work, I’d probably shed most of this and just go with tights, tightly woven pants,a top and a nice jacket or sweater under the top coat, but walking means you need lots of layers and warmth especially if it’s windy. I also always try to wear a special pair of earrings, and either a nice necklace or a statement pin to dress the outfit up. We are a pretty casual place up here – certainly the number of women who wear formal business suits in the workplace are few and far between.


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