{Style Expert} What do you think of this look?

FOF Lynn Yaeger has been an unmistakable fixture on the fashion scene ever since she became a fashion reporter for the Village Voice thirty years ago. She’s also a regular contributor to The New York Times style magazine. Known for her gothic clothes, powdered face and cupid’s bow lips, Lynn is truly the arbiter of her own unique style. She’s also a vintage fanatic who admits, “Here is what I do every single morning, in between teeth-brushing and waiting for the coffee to boil: I turn on my laptop and type “baby locket” into eBay….”

Our style panel has strong opinions on Lynn’s funky fashion, but what do you think? Do you applaud her creativity or jeer her eccentricity?

FOF Terry Gibraltar: “It’s impossible to mistake Lynn Yaeger. I’ve run into her at every vintage store and sale for the past 10 years. She’s cultivated her mix of vintage, 80’s, Japanese design and “dolly” forever, and she’s made it such a part of who she is that it really works for her. Thank god for people like Lynn who make life more interesting to look at!”

Terry Gibralter is the founder of Bespoke Custom Shopping Tours, carefully-crafted shopping “vacations” and a self-proclaimed, “fashion-obsessed” FOF.

FOF Susan Grant: “I love the whole look on this woman and think she did a masterful job of assembling disparate pieces. This isn’t a vintage look straight off of a mannequin. It’s both flattering to her shape and interesting to mentally deconstruct! It’s an artform.”

Susan Grant is merchandise manager for Muse, a full-service jewelry showroom.

FOF Sherrie Mathieson: “Lynn uses her body as a canvas for the creativity and imagination that we often lose as we become adults. She does not ‘compete,’ by the usual standards. Some may dismiss her as merely eccentric, but I think even within that category some do it well and some don’t. She has a great sense of texture, color, and design. I think she does her ‘art’ very well.”

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.

FOF Gail Garramone: “This woman is a fashionista… for a living.  As such, she gets a free pass on looking as out there as she wants. Look at her lipstick! Who else could pull that off? I like the way she puts together an outfit. Would I wear it? Not on your life. Should my best friend who works at a bank wear it? No. Should this woman? Sure! It is appropriate for her lifestyle and certainly expresses creativity. It is not vulgar; it’s funky.”

Gail Garramone is a veteran V.P. of Liz Claiborne Inc. where she traveled around the country with Tim Gunn producing fashion workshops.

Sandra Soich: I applaud the creativity but there’s a limit and she is definitely OVER the limit. Being age appropriate is a beautiful thing and can be accomplished quietly.  This lady is screaming for attention!

Sandra Soich is wardrobe stylist to the stars and founder of YourFashionTherapist.com.

Tell us FOFs: Do you agree with our style experts? What do you think of this outfit?

104 Responses to “{Style Expert} What do you think of this look?”

  1. Mary Lou says:

    If this were an unknown woman on the street instead of a fashion reporter or whatever, I think some of the positive responses to the outfit would be quite different. Where I live, people would probably point and snicker at this outfit no matter what age woman (or man) might be wearing it.

  2. Pamela Lloyd says:

    Not feeling it.

  3. Dindy904 says:

    Her outfit may be fun, different, or interesting…but…I certainly would not feel comfortable having lunch for instance, with someone dressed this way…and obviously simply dying for any and all attention she can get!

  4. anisemarsh says:

    I think that Lynn feels unique in her outfits. I could not wear it, but deconstructing the look piece by piece and using it with something else might give me statement pieces.
    Having said that- She looks a little like a model for Nightmare on Elm Street. Or goth mixed with fairy– But I bet she has fun every day. Go Girl!

  5. Diana says:

    Lovely, absolutely lovely. Unlike some rude comments on here, I think it is horrible to call someone,s self expression “ugly”. Can,t you see that here is a lady who is liberated from dressing for the crowd, but really wears what she likes and what makes her feel good? I wonder how many times people dress to satisfy or get the approval of others instead of themselves.Here is a gal who does not need your approval, she,s : “Free to be me”. And that,s a treasure to have.

  6. Diana says:

    This look is not attractive at all for any age, let alone someone of my age. She looks awful and it looks like her intestine are falling out below her skirt.

  7. Mick says:

    No. She’s too old for this foolishness – it doesn’t matter one whit that she’s been labled a ‘fashonista’ because the look is simply ugly. This a case of “The Emperor has no clothes?” Quick – someone have the guts to tell her that ugly is neither creative or bold – it’s just ugly.

  8. Jennifer Perry says:

    I’ve seen Lynn in magazines and she knows how to express her brilliance and creativity in her style of dress and make it as charming as the lady herself. Fascinating, but never freakish.

  9. Marylyn Haspel says:

    It’s not about what I think of it…it’s what she thinks about it. This is a form of self expression, and she does it well and for herself…and this is what makes the streets of New York so very creative and interesting.

  10. SusieS says:

    This woman looks as if she fell into the sewing basket!

  11. Bruneton says:

    I’m don’t know her..sorry living in france but I love it!! If you can’t do “feminine and fun” over 50 when can you? I am 60 and I love the mark ewa i walla..it suits me well and I am having lots of fun wearing it!!
    I don’t think she is screaming look at me..I think she is stating “I love what I am wearing and if you don’t like it.. nobody is forcing you to look! Plus I feel great in it!!”

  12. Marie Miller says:

    If this is really a representation of how this woman dresses, all I can say is “Very sad”. It makes a statement about her mental state. Other than dressing horribly ugly, I can’t help but think this lady has some serious issues to be worked out…no one, no matter how creative, would go out dressing so ugly.

  13. JED says:

    Looks like a bag lady who’s mislaid her cart, so she has to wear everything she currently owns, at one time. What a disaster area!

  14. tarheel4ever says:

    Not sure what look she is going for … a bag lady? Fairy? Not good!

  15. Kate Line Snider says:

    OMG! Pavlova meets bag lady.

  16. Fashionable 60s says:

    This lady is a well known fashionista in New York. She has cultivated her distinctive looks for years. Everything she does, like a true individualist that she is, is totally appropriate for her. While I would not wear what she is wearing, I applaud her creativity and boldness.

  17. JED says:

    Where to start? At first glance it appears that this woman has run out of a burning building after having donned every piece of clothing she could get her hands on before being singed!

    A veritable train wreck! She obviously has adopted this type of “look” in an attempt (which obviously works for her) to be noticed. Like they say…Even bad publicity is good for business.

    Some people try to compensate for a lack of good looks and a great figure, by making a statement by the way they dress, and I guess she has achieved her goal.

  18. Pam Munro says:

    never have understood this woman’s look & those funny cupid bow lips! It is all notable but not flattering!

  19. deestea says:

    It may be adorable in New York or London, but I can’t see it working many other places. I applaud her spirit!

  20. sharon910 says:

    omg words just don’t explain how bad this is.

  21. vkuhl says:

    I understand that this is this woman’s signature look, and she has a creative job, but to my eye she looks bizarre. The shoes and the lipstick take this outfit into bag lady territory. It’s a hoot how all but one of the experts give their blessing to this outfit.

  22. sfern@live.com says:

    I think it’s Cyndi Lauper or at least a look alike!!

  23. sharon910 says:

    No to frilly for me.

  24. Laurab says:

    So she’s been at every vintage sale in the past 10 years, did she have to wear every piece she’s accumulated all at one time? Yeeuck

  25. dbo says:

    is funky a good comment or bad smell ? yes all she’s wearing is good but together nooo yet if your way to get attention is to dress with to much than she’s hit the mark. i also shop vintage clothes yet i respect them, their style, i don’t think you add hmmm silly things ie legging, ugly shoes, or what ever reddish blob item is underskirt if that was part of original than stand back look in mirror see if it looks good or…. very ugly. jacket would be great with a straight simple dress it’s a lovely piece who can see it when their eyes are stunned by skirt,leggings, foot wear, sloppy shirt, belt (?) string hanging…
    I learned less is more a single outstanding piece is enough for an outfit. to scream for attention with outfits like this may (or won’t) get the attention most want respect, but will get eyes looking at you.They will then roll upward in plea to remove that sight and focus on what pleases their eye. ( or poke their friend with them if they missed this clown like outfit walking down street so the vision of : “geeze let’s not get old and dress that way is shared.”)

  26. Nancy says:

    Lynn has one problem which belies why she dresses like this…Her POOR posture. To be eccentric and silly is one thing…to hide is another. Lynn please put that chin up and your shoulders back and exclaim in body language that is believable that this is truly what you are all about.

  27. Jvgend says:

    I think this woman looks cool and obviously does not need to go along with what the mags are saying. She looks like she would be fun to hang with for a while. The only negative for me is the shoes. I would not have gone with white.

  28. ddeste says:

    I don’t care who she is! it’s a not very well done 80s Cyndy Lauper

  29. amanda6 says:

    Screams “bag lady”

  30. TexasDuchess says:

    Bizarre, not funky and expressive. I agree with Eleanore–if anyone else wore this who wasn’t well-known, she’d be committed!

  31. Mary says:

    I love you fashion because of the unique and powerful identity it can create but ladies I need to shut my eyes on this one! Was that sweater emphasizing her boobs on the floor and was that a feather dusting tutu? Donate that stuff. (and the lipstick too!)

  32. Polly says:

    This is nothing more than a costume. Having checked out other pictures of Ms. Yaeger, she dresses up like a “doll” each day…..with painted on cheeks and lips, and weird outfits that the normal woman would RUN from. Personally, I think she looks ridiculous – but, if her personality matches her eccentricity, I would probably like this person!

  33. Carla says:

    Well, I love every inch of her–every photograph I’ve ever seen of her has been so visually delightful, so inspiring. Since when does playing dress up end with age? I’m shocked, really, that so many readers here have such a judgmental attitude toward her personal style. If I saw her on the street, she would make my day.

  34. Marguerite says:

    No! Just no. Age with elegance and simplicity is my mantra. This outfit is not funky or creative, but weird. IMO.

  35. Joan says:

    Her look is not for everyone but isn’t that the point to fashion? It shows confidence and a unique sense of style.

    Whenever I see her in the neighbourhood, I know her distinctive look. I admire that she isn’t wearing a uniform that we all conform to by following “rules” of fashion trends.

  36. Kathleen Klatt says:

    Great if you’re 16. Laughable outfit. Sorry.

  37. Debbie says:

    One of my favorite movie quotes, ” There’s a fine line between an outfit and a get up” is the only thing that comes to mind. If you were three this would be cute but this is grown adult grow up and get over it.

  38. WhiteOak says:

    I think if she is comfortable who am I to say anything. If I were wearing the outfit, I would wear different shoes, but it is an individual choice.

    I do like the individuality and creativity in the outfit itself. Not everyone would wear it, but thank goodness we are all individuals with individual taste.

  39. Jan says:

    She has branded herself as a sort of cartoonish fashion icon which is unique and recognizable to her industry. The takeaway is that each of us in our own professions can take the fashion elements we like that make us feel good about ourselves and incorporate them into our own “branded image” of our personal best.

  40. Felicia says:

    A sad, hot mess! I am sorry, but that was all that could come to mind. I just think she went over the top for her age. A+ for creativity, but I think that she could apply SOME of the creativity to other things in her life, just tone the clothes down a bit, not all the way, just a bit. The skirt and shoes should go. The lipstick?????????

  41. Carol Segal says:

    This outfit is totally “out of the park” in my estimation. It may be described as funky, but I would be more likely to call it wierd. I guess I am just a little to conservative for this “look.”

  42. Deborah Arent says:

    To me she looks someone trying to capture the “Madonna” black lace look from the 1980’s.

  43. Nannaof2 says:

    Oh, how this makes me miss Jackie O!!!!

  44. Mick says:

    Looks like she is too old to pull off this look (not 13). I’m going with crazy bag lady…..damn the experts and full speed ahead in favor of a fashion ambush! This woman needs it!!

  45. Barb says:


  46. jj says:

    Dang when will be able to wear what we want without being accused of being a bag lady or dressing for the approval of others?!! If she loves it so do I!
    I love her creativity and if I met her here in the Midwest, I’d want to get to know her. I love vintage clothes and furnishings and I ain’t even tryin’ to look like e’r body else!

  47. cj says:

    Thank you, Sandra!! Why are you the only one brave enough to say this? Are the others afraid that they will offend someone? Although, I appreciate everyone have their own personal style, wearing whatever you find in you closet is not “style”. Or someone needs to change the definition of fashion. Ladies, I question your professions. Correction – “jobs”.

  48. Patricia Assanowicz says:

    I love her style, when you have a passion for fashion, in my opinion how ever you decide to dress, it is for your own unique style. Vintage is also one of my favorite pastimes, thrift stores have great finds. This woman gets two big thumbs up from me, she is creative and not afraid of what other people will think. Not everyone is going to agree with your taste, and that is fine with me, because it is just that “my taste, my style” I bet her personality is just like her outfits, fun and playful and I would love to sit and have lunch with her, no matter who stares, keep rocking your styles Lynn.

  49. Linda says:

    But it’s not pretty, it’s not attractive, it’s not artistic! This look is just screaming “Look at me”, like a little child to whom any attention, even negative, is better than no attention at all. I can’t believe that this outfit makes the wearer feel good except maybe by laughing at all the people who are attributing all sorts of totally bogus “creative” characteristics to her! Totally not FOF to me.

  50. Roxanne says:

    I’m all about being creative, different, out there, etc… but this outfit looks like “Desperately Seeking Susan” meets the local bag lady.
    I particularly love how all the experts tried to spin it in a positive slant.
    Sandra Soich got it right – there’s a limit and she’s gone way past it!

  51. Mary says:

    All I can say is… OMG! WTF! This lady needs help! Looks like she randomly pulled clothes out of her closet and put them on.

  52. eleanore says:

    This one’s kinda not fair because the Experts all know her. I wonder if they’d “applaud” her if she was just Marge from around the corner. They’d think that’s a crazy outfit.


  53. belindabg says:

    I LOVE IT, I don’t care what anyone says. This is UNIQUE, CUTTING-EDGE, and INTERESTING to look at, and it’s in my favorite color – BLACK. I too would wear this, I just have to wear uglier shoes because of my herniated L5 in my lower back. But if I could rock this, I WOULD – and SHE DOES! YOU GO, GIRL – ROCK ON!!

  54. Cynthia says:

    Fashion evolves and changes – and she’s come to a screeching halt. Honestly, she looks like a mental case baglady.

  55. ReeseG says:

    Personally, I truly like her approach to her style and herself but … OH! Those shoes have GOT to go. They just drag the whole look down the drain. Maybe a pair of little black and red flats and she’d be good for just about any event uptown or down.
    Some think the look is “too young”. If you ask me (Oh, wait. You did!) Clothes may make the man BUT for a woman, SHE makes the clothes. It’s not so much WHAT you wear but HOW you wear it! Rock on, Lynn.

  56. Rita says:

    I love the “Free Spirit” in her, but this is a little “over the top”….it has a “bag lady” feel to it…this would not work in Houston!

  57. Teri Davis Newman says:

    This woman looks like Madonna on acid or Lady Gaga with a vicious hangover. The “style experts” are idiots who are saying how wonderful it is that this famous woman (that I’ve never heard of) is dressed like a geisha girl on acid with a double shot of Madonna when she was in her 20’s. If this woman wasn’t famous, the nanny-state would lock her up for being too crazy to know how to get dressed in the morning. Most people I see dressed like this are holding up signs in intersections that say “Will work for food”. It’s a shame these “style critics” are too politically correct to tell the truth.

  58. Karen says:

    The top reads well, and could look fabulous over some skinny soignee jeans, but the ballerina-gone-wrong came in with Madonna, went out with Sex and the City, marginally revived by Gossip Girl. Definitely not a good look for an over-50 person. This screams Bag Lady to me. She looks scary, not chic. The geisha lipstick is way too weird.

  59. Wendy Plumb says:

    Sandra Soich is the only “expert” who makes sense to me. It is sad that a woman has to go to such lengths to get attention. As others have noted, she looks like a bag lady. “Creative”? “Art”? Hmmmmm!!!

  60. Victoria says:

    I could not agree more the experts. In fact, I love the way they think. Their remarks were inspring and uplifting. The days of saying mean things are gone! Long live the days of self expression. She obviously enjoys playing “dress up” & too many of us fail at having fun with ourselves. She has earned the “attention” she will get! As you get older, you become almost invisible. Not this gal!

  61. thereislightonthehorizon says:

    PS: would have liked to know if she was wearing a hat…maybe with some more tulle as a veil?????? 🙂

  62. Patricia says:

    Sorry ladies but I have to agree with Sue……my first thought was she looks like a “bag lady” Thumbs down!

  63. thereislightonthehorizon says:

    As Ms Yaeger is outdoors, her layering is appropriate for the weather and her profession. It does seem overwhelming with so many different sewing techniques to admire. The puff sleeves, the oversize buttons, the red tulle underskirt, are those scarves/kerchiefs in the breast pockets?, the lacy slip/overskirt and the extra large bag.
    I think she is a walking advertisement for the many skilled artisans who made these articles and she is letting people “see” the possibilities of what may appeal to them. Obviously, she has done her part for fashion. Love the Clara Bow lips!!! Not many nowadays can do them, let alone have the nerve to wear them in public 🙂 Now “those” are her signature style. Those who have made the disparaging comparisons should get out in the world a little more often…there is NO comparison to that!

  64. joan speirs says:

    love it…and purse could be smaller!

  65. maxine says:

    To each her own. My home is eclectic style. Eclectic can go to the extreme. I don’t do matchy, matchy but she’s way out or should I say, far out.

  66. Angela Mogin says:

    Certainly over the top. Too much of something. I can’t firgure out what statement is being made unless it’s “I can wear everything in my closet at once.

  67. Linda says:

    This woman is way over the top. Only someone who is a self-described fashionista would wear this. The outfit shouts”Look at me, look at me.” Too much of too many ideas to succeed.

  68. Marcia says:

    Sorry to disagree with the experts, but I find this to be a ridiculous-looking outfit. She looks like a bag lady, someone who wears all of her clothing at once. A “fashion icon?” Hardly. Yes, she certainly is unique, but I think it’s in a sad way. She obviously must like the attention she gets dressing like this and if that’s what makes HER happy, fine.

  69. Karen says:

    It reminds me of ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’, Cindy Lauper! Dressing this way must get her the result she is seeking.

  70. Kathy Hayes says:

    I think you’ve stacked the deck by using a well-known person. Your other examples have not revealed the model’s identity, which makes it much easier to react candidly. Personally, I want what I wear to express my personality, but I most want to be seen as someone worth listening to, rather than as merely looked at as a work of “art.” Being only seen comes dangerously close to woman as object, which I thought we had left behind.

  71. Gina P says:

    I give a thumbs up to anyone who wears what they’re comfortable in and what makes them happy. I often wonder if people who must wear the latest fashion trends are truly happy if they’re always trying to wear what’s “in” at the moment.

    I walk around sometimes in my ratty concert t-shirts from 25 – 30 years ago. Young people will go “wow, where did you find that (Clash, Ramones, U2, Journey) tee?” and I know they’re expecting something like “Target” or “Hot Topic”, so when I say “at the concert”, they’re floored!!

    I say where what makes you smile!

  72. Marcia Robinson says:

    Lynn Yaeger looks as if she’s trying to recapture something she missed out in life. Don’t understand the look she’s trying to convey. She’s a little too old to pull this off.

  73. Karen says:

    I guess that’s how styles are created. Someone wears something and “style experts” tell everyone it looks nice…and people believe it. Reminds me of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

  74. b says:

    I suppose it would depend on what you purpose was when dressing. I for one think this says “Look at me!” I would guess that this lady loves the process of dressing each day, works in a place that honors eccentric dress and loves to be center stage…even when she does not get positive feed back.

    When I dress like her, I am tired, the ruffles and shoes are within reach and I don’t care what anyone thinks! My friends say I am dressed like a clown.

    I was just saying!



  75. Karen Millar says:

    I certainly don’t see it working on me… clearly I’m not as creatively crazy as she. Regardless, I admire her defined sense of self … very cool.

  76. jane says:

    I can’t help but think if this were a picture of the average woman the comments of the panel would have been quite different. I, however appreciate anyone who as their own style and wears it with confidence regardless of age.

  77. Nannaof2 says:

    . . . in all seriousness – this is a bit insulting to your readers. I am a little insulted and perturbed by Fab-over-fifty for even putting this on your site. Is this really how you view your readers? If so, bye-bye!

  78. Leona says:

    I read the comments from the experts and could not disagree more. I admit I have very little fashion style but anything that totally disguises your whole body just isn’t right. It makes her look huge even though she obviously is not from the looks of her upper body.

  79. Pat says:

    WOW…….and not in a good way! Like they say “LESS IS MORE” one fun piece, OK. This is UGLY! She looks like she threw herself together! If she is a “Fashion Icon”…………. I glad I’m not!

  80. nannaof2 says:

    p.s. . . . fire your panel of “experts.”

  81. Renee says:

    Too much!! I really don’t like anything about this outfit. The leggings with the shoes look rediculous. The skirt is too young for her. The bow lips look cartoonish. This may have worked for her when she was twenty, even thirty, but at her age she just looks silly.

  82. LeslieJean says:

    I think the outfit is ridiculous. Of course all the top fashion, etc. experts think it’s tre’ chic but stop and think, how would the average working gal be welcomed if she showed up at work one day, with this outfit on? The office buzz would be louder than a kicked hornet’s nest! I like from the waist up but forget the rest – unless you’re in your own home playing dress-up.

  83. nannaof2 says:

    A big NO WAY! I think it screams insanity. I truly believe in being open minded, but not until your brains fall out.

    “Someone” is trying way too hard.

  84. Jennifer Snowdon says:

    I appreciate the artistic expression the Vintage/Japanese fusion. The only thing is it all flows downward and engulfs and seems to shorten her body. Perhaps different color shoes or some lines of the flow lifting up and out so her spirit is lifted and leads us up to the bright face that is the creator!

  85. Sally G says:

    Take away the sweater and the glossy bag, and replace the glaringly wrong shoes with black ladies’ button-up shoes and this would work. Love the red skirt peeking out. As a FOF I’d like to see Ms Yaeger go for eclectic without being goofy or strange.

  86. MH WILLIAMS says:

    Good for her! She is not afraid to stand out at an age where many of us women are invisible. For me, its just exhausting to put this much effort into how I look.

  87. Brenda says:

    I must thoroughly disagree with the “experts” on this one. This woman looks like she’s screaming for a straight-jacket. No sane person would dress this way and call it “fashion”. Obviously, she’s getting all the attention she’s screaming for …and then some.

  88. Ruth says:

    I agree with Sandra. This is almost an assault on fashion. There is too much going on here, no matter what age she is! However, it’s her body, so it is her choice.

  89. Vickie Field says:

    I feel this look is crazy, but if this is who she really is, than
    so be it. I would not wear it or anything close to it and
    it surely would not be an outfit for an interview. If she is into the career of the fashion world of some sort than she
    needs to stand out in some way, by writing about fashions
    or designing. If she designs, than I hope she has better
    taste than what she is wearing. How old is she anyway?
    It might look different on a younger person and thinner. It
    sounds like I am trying to talk myself into liking such an outfit, but actually, I am trying to express myself about not liking it, just like she is expressing herself about liking what she has on for the day. I feel it is crazy.

  90. Barbara says:

    She is a fashionista and as such she wants to get noticed for good or for bad. For the rest of us Fab over Fifties, we can look chic, trendy, fashionable, and all that without looking gaudy and inappropriate. I vote NOT.

  91. Erika says:

    Definitely works for NYC! I would have like funkier shoes, however.

  92. Kim Kline says:

    It’s great, it’s harmless, it’s out there… It is not flattering, does not move well as a outfit, looks thrift shop bought, and very reminiscent of Cindy Lauper. Just because a person is considered a “fashionista” does mean they do fashion well. No go for style. But, if it makes her happy than Hooray for her. She has her own thing for sure.

  93. Sophia Sutton says:

    If she is trying to pull off the Gothic look, it ain’t happening…..more like a Halloween costume than something you’d wear out on the street…but, whatever. It is not my style but if she likes it then that’s what counts and if she enjoys expressing herself this way then fine. She must like the attention she gets.

  94. cyndi says:

    I will not pretend to like or understand. I remember this creative stage when I was 4, using my mom’s things to dress up and act older. I looked silly then and would now. I guess that I like the classic vintage look now. Not the trashy vintage look. You are right she does look like a bag lady.

  95. Corky47 says:

    Not realistic for a 60-something year old woman. Might look great on Lady Gaga (even Madonna is getting a bit too mature for this look). Let’s stop striving to look like the youngsters we once were. and learn to express our creativity in other ways.

  96. Trish says:

    I have no idea why this woman is a fashion icon. She looks as if she is a homeless woman on the streets of San Francisco. The combination of tops is downright ugly, and the pin holding them all together gets lost competing with the buttons. The sleeve is medievally bad. The petticoats need a skirt, and the legging-shoe combination is ugly. The ensemble is topped off with a purse/briefcase that is not a match to the whatever-sort-of vintage look. This isn’t creative OR eccentric. And, the unattractiveness of the look has nothing to do with her age or the age of the clothing. I am very disappointed with the “fashionistas” who have given a thumbs up to a look that is bad.

  97. marilyn says:

    I am in the vintage and design business and totally agree with everyone except Sandra. I have been seeing Lynn at the flea markets and streets of NYC for years and she is always in character. Not many women can pull this off but she does it so well. There is also a gentleman that lives in NYC that I’ve seen for years at the flea markets. He has the most fabulous vintage clothes and accessories. I wish I owned some of the jewelry that he wears. I’m sure that Terry,Susan, Sherrie and Gail know who I am talking about. Wish I knew his name? They both make life more interesting.

  98. Lucrezia says:

    That outfit is a hot mess! Definitely different strokes for different folks.

  99. Barbara Bratone says:

    I think she is unique and although I would never be able to”pull off” her look there are pieces of it that I can adapt and adopt for myself.

  100. Sheila says:

    I think the top/jacket competes with that awesome skirt and I’d go with black ballet flats.

  101. kat mccarthy says:


  102. Su says:

    This is downright ugly. I can see having your own style, but Really?

  103. Sue says:

    All she needs is a shopping cart. O.K. And maybe a ‘will work for food’ sign.

  104. Betty says:

    I don’t think I really understand what she’s doing, but more power to her! Go girl! as my granddaughters say!


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