{Style Expert} What Do You Think Of This Look?

This FOF is a former Ford model who now works in real estate. We spotted her outside Barney’s in Manhattan in these fab glasses. (“I got them used–just $22,” she reports.) She explained that her “Eye Test” shirt was designed “by a friend” named Kenneth King. Back in the office we got to googling and, wow, Kenneth is a friend we wouldn’t mind having!

Sandra Soich: “When I first looked at this ensemble, I was confused! I said, ‘this is wrong, that’s wrong….’   But in the end, it wasn’t so bad after all. The only thing throwing it off is the need to ‘camouflage’ with the button-down shirt. Without that, it would be just fine.”

Sandra Soich is wardrobe stylist to the stars and founder of YourFashionTherapist.com.

Sherrie Mathieson: “This woman is a mix of good and bad style instinct. I love that her hair and makeup are quite natural to offset the sparkling glasses. I like that her palette is low-key and unified by navy. Her jeans are a current style, and I like the horizontal line created by her boatneck t-shirt. The shoes are a bit off in style and color (black ballerinas would have been better)–but I’m glad they are flats.

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.

Lovey Dash: “This look does not work for me at all. What does work is the gorgeous face on this woman and her sexy curvy body. She should take off that baggy jacket and put on something a little more fitted. The glasses are cute and retro looking but have nothing to do with what she is wearing.”

Lovey Dash is a Beverly Hills stylist to the stars. She was formerly in VIP sales for Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive.

Linda Cohen: “I appreciate a woman who can wear a colorful jacket. I like the eye chart print and the bold colors. She is confident, and this is one of those pieces that will create conversation. The t-shirt and jean create a slimmer, pulled-together look. Her rhinestone sunglasses and scarf over her natural tote tells me she likes to have fun. I would consider wearing the jacket over all white in the summer.”

Linda Cohen owns her own consulting business specializing in retail merchandising.

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26 Responses to “{Style Expert} What Do You Think Of This Look?”

  1. Mick says:

    More strategic camouflage, less distractions: that chunky belt buckle draws my eye IMMEDIATELY. That is the last place you draw attention to when sporting less than perfect abs. Love the unified navy: would work if the shirt was tunic length with a lower slung belt and plain flats. I agree with the masses: the jacket does not work. A lean, long sweater or long fitted jacket would have been a better choice.

  2. dbo says:

    the shoes, belt don’t work. If you wear a jacket to cover your expanding middle area you should button it. I see all these women carrying them do they need to carry their life with them, or do they like back pain ? Blue,black,brown do they really all go together ? great glasses, hair, but again why such a large bag ?

  3. vkuhl says:

    I am amused by how some of the style experts seem to alter their opinions based on whether the subject is a “somebody” or not. This woman has a beautiful face, but everything below the neck looks unflattering to my eye. She could look much better than this, and probably does most of the time!

  4. penmore says:

    She is indeed a beautiful woman but I think she is doing herself a disservice. A V or scoop neck would be more flattering and as for a “conversation piece” print shirt with a baggy shape, I think it is unflattering on anyone. Skinny jeans with flats, a bateau neck and a belt all serve to widen and shorten the body. The big droopy bag and scarf add to the heavy effect. The glasses are indeed cool however as is her relaxed and flattering hair and make up. I bet most days this gal looks terrific.

  5. Victoria says:

    I think if she changed her shoes to black boots and a black smaller handbag/tote it would help.

  6. deestea says:

    I don’t care for the shoes or belt buckle, but she looks confident and I don’t think she cares what I think 🙂

  7. catsrule9999 says:

    I think she should lose the t-shirt and go for a low-necked, fitted camisole.

  8. SharShar65 says:

    I wouldn’t wear it!

  9. Ali Moss says:

    I totally agree with Patricia Bogard………if she had been just any woman and not a former model or friend of Kenneth King the gurus would have completely trashed that outfit and I find that to be dishonest.

  10. marcia says:

    To push those fun sunglasses I would go for a more Audrey Hepburn outfit. Black ballet flats & a buttonless drapey cardigan that skims the body. No patterns (with those glasses)
    That blouse/jacket has to go. It is not flattering & would probably be ugly on anyone.

  11. Sheila says:

    A beautiful face made even better with the right make-up! The glasses are great and deserve to be worn with an appropriate outfit – I think this one is just plain sloppy.

  12. The coder says:

    Confusing look, beautiful face and glasses, the rest . . well . . . something is just not right !

  13. Patricia Bogard says:

    If this was anyone other than a former famous model you would not give her a second look. The whole outfit looks like a trash bin . The shirt with a nice dark blouse and skirt would be cool.

  14. mamavalveeta03 says:

    I think people are being a bit harsh. Would YOU want to be discussed in this way? Would you say those things to her face? She’s beautiful and she’s got her own style. So what if it isn’t VOGUE-worthy? And who said models have to be inherently stylish? They wear the clothes, not invent them!! I think she’s GREAT!!!

  15. Cynthia says:

    We’re all guilty of just throwing on any old thing – and this is what we look like. (Remember that next time you’re tempted!) It was her bad luck to be photographed looking like the average slob. Tshirts look like … tshirts. Unstructured shirts look sloppy. Unlike the average person, with no effort put into it she looks pretty good from the neck up!

  16. Jan Vega says:

    I would think she’d have picked up some great tricks of the trade from her modeling days. Her look tells me she doesn’t really care how she’s puts together. What a shame!

  17. Jean says:

    I agree with Sherrie and Lovely. Unfortunately this outfit says old style. She has a good looking face and this outfit gives her no pizazz. I don’t care for the big bag myself but with an outstanding shirt (more fitted or maybe a jacket) and different shoes this outfit could give her a wow factor.

  18. laclay says:

    Beautiful hair, the jacket is terrible

  19. patatwell says:

    Doesn’t look like much thought was put into. Grabbed what was close by.

  20. Terry says:

    Lose the jacket. This is a beautiful woman, but my attention was just focused on that loud, baggy jacket.

  21. Penny says:

    Awful, the glasses are the only thing that saves her. Her outfit is outdated, dowdy. She looks like a teacher or librarian on the weekend.

  22. Pamela Hoch says:

    Very disappointing for a former model. Grandma-ish, as though she lacks confidence in her figure and has to cover up. Suggest a structured around-waist-length or just-below designer-look jacket, with smart shirt or top and a belt (yes, a belt, muffin top or no), no open toes thank you, the shoes look plain silly. The bag? awful! The tied scarf? Dated. A polished up-to-date large tote. I Needs major makeover. Hair and makeup are great. Glasses are for the beach or vacation.

  23. mlh125 says:

    the jacket has to go! looks like a Grandma outfit.

  24. Debra Stoykovich says:

    She is BEAUTIFUL and that’s that…………….

  25. Laurab says:

    I like it a lot better than most of the nightmares put on here that are raved about because they are “art”. I wouldn’t wear any of it especially together but she looks strong, smart, practical, and confident.

  26. VJ says:

    I can understand her need to camouflage. Looks as though she may have a little muffin top. However, I think her choice of cover ups makes her look old. Something a little more structured might be better.

    Also don’t care for the shoes with this outfit. Too “foo foo.”

    And I love the sunglasses, just not with this outfit.

    Her face is beautiful!


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