Thanks, But No Thanks!

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  The kids are coming home from college. Aunt Sally and Uncle Bob, your favorite relatives, are flying in from Wisconsin. You can’t wait to see cousin Mona’s new baby girl. OK, that’s the good news.  Tell us your biggest pet peeve at Thanksgiving, so we know you’re only human!   

 “Cooking for 5 to 6 hours only to watch the meal be done in a half hour and faced with all that clean up. Ugh.
Michelle Fitzpatrick
“Kids who take lots of food only to throw it away!!”
Karla Juelfs Meier
I don’t have a peeve. I love THANKSGIVING, love the cooking, having family and friends, the chattering of everyone talking. The children laughing. I don’t even mind cleaning up the mess.
Catherine Greer
When my stuffing doesn’t come out like my mom’s. Which is every year.
Sharon Ritton-Holly
 A table full of food and grandkids who won’t eat anything but mac and cheese.
Sandy Frizielle-Andritsis
 Feeling guilty when so many others are struggling.
Liz Dobiesz
People who eat and run–no, please don’t do that!
Mona Mason Rhoads
People who don’t show up on time.
Elaine Wood Otting
Everyone in the kitchen when I’m trying to get food out of the oven and the buffet set up.
Lynn Harpenau-meyer
That one family member everyone has…😏.
Pam Williams
 Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows.
Jen Bangerter
That I can never host it and we are always the ones to travel!
Sharon Shepperd-Wolfson
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is about the bounty of earth and family. My pet peeve is that marketing has done its best to turn it into a crazy sales binge fiasco.
William Garner
Gaining weight.
Karin Cooper
“My family😂😂.
Marianna Wright

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