The Single FOF’s Holiday Party Survival Guide

Are you FOF and single this December? It can be tricky trying to navigate a holiday party when the only man in your life this winter is Kris Kringle. Luckily, FOF dating expert Cheryl Savage has got you covered. Read her 10 tips for surviving any holiday affair and avoid standing solo under the mistletoe this year.

1) Find out what kind of party you’re going to. Let the type of function help you determine your game plan. If you’re invited to an open-house style cocktail party with a mix of single and married people, either bring a girlfriend or go alone. If  it’s a couples dinner, ask the host whether or not you should bring a date. If she says yes, bring a male date, even if he’s just a friend, so that you’re not the odd one out. If it’s a sit-down dinner where other single people will be, go alone and mingle.

2) Don’t over analyze. Don’t think about who you’re going to sit next to, who you’re going to talk to at the party, or whether or not you’re going to be the third wheel. Leave all of that at home. Get dressed up, go with a smile on your face, and have a great time.

3) Don’t dwell on your relationship status. If someone asks if you’re with anyone, your answer should be ‘No–I’m newly single and available.’ You don’t want to dwell on your divorce or past relationship during the holidays. If a person asks if you’re divorced or widowed, answer, but then switch the conversation by asking the person about themselves. A good trick: use the art of the compliment. Tell them how well their sweater goes with their eyes.

4) Talk to the single man at the party. If you notice an interesting man that you would like to talk to at a holiday party who appears to be single, go over and talk to him. Ask him how he knows the hostess or where he’s from. A holiday party is the perfect setting to meet someone– people are loosening up, having a cocktail or two, and they’re in a festive mood.

5) Mingle with couples. This one is counter-intuitive, but make an effort to talk to everyone, not just guests that are single. If it’s a work party, introduce yourself to your co-workers wife or husband and get to know them. You never know if a guest might have a single brother or cousin or uncle that they could set you up with. This is an opportunity to put yourself out there.

6) There’s no wrong seat at a holiday party. If you sit between a couple, you’ll be able to talk to both the husband and wife. You can take a seat next to the hostess, if that makes you most comfortable. If you’re really unsure of where to sit, ask the hostess where he or she would like for you to sit. If you’re at a dinner where there are single men at the party, make sure you sit next to one of them and start a conversation. Even if nothing comes of it, they may know a single friend or brother that they could set you up with.

7) Throw your own holiday party. If you’re newly single and haven’t been invited to any holiday parties this year, throw your own.  Invite couples and singles. Ask each guest to bring a single friend along with them. Single guests should bring a single friend of the opposite sex so that you get an even mix. Serve cocktails and have everyone bring hors d’oeuvres. Ask guests to wear red for the holidays–it makes for a really fun last minute party!

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