20 Things You MUST Do For Your Aging Parents

They made our lives easier as we grew up (hopefully).  So shouldn’t we be making their lives easier now?

1. Try to be kind and patient if their forgetfulness frustrates you

2. Stress the importance of aerobic exercise


3. Periodically take them to dinner if you live nearby

4. Send them postcards wherever you go

5. Encourage your teenage or young adult children to call and/or visit them


6. Make sure they are participating in social activities

7. Make sure you, or someone else, is monitoring their medications if they’re unable to do it themselves


8. Periodically ask their opinions about issues that are important to you

9. Spot check their homes to ensure that they’re safe and clean

10. Engage them in conversation about their accomplishments, experiences and fond memories

11. Take them away for a trip, if they’re physically and mentally able

12. Talk to them about current events and issues

13. If you live far away, make sure there are friends or neighbors who can check in on them


14. Keep them involved in their passions as long as possible

15. Buy them something that will continually remind them of you

16. Involve yourself in an activity they love


17. Make sure they are up to date on their medical tests and doctors’ appointments

18. Make sure they’re still on top of their finances (and help them out if they’re not)

19. Frequently tell them you love them


20. Never ignore them!

6 Responses to “20 Things You MUST Do For Your Aging Parents”

  1. AgingOphelia says:

    One of the sneakier things I do, is to play online Scrabble with my mom, with a subscription that I pay for. I enjoy it, she enjoys it, it helps to keep her mind agile, and everyday, I know she’s okay when she has taken her Scrabble turns!

  2. Dr Riff Hasn says:

    Take care of your parents and feel blessed to have them in your life. I really appreciate the author for writing on this topic. Good work!

  3. Roslyn Tanner Evans says:

    As an aging parent who wishes to age gracefully, these are wonderful suggestions. They are just the type of things we did for our children.

    • GeriFOF says:

      Thank you, Roslyn. We appreciate your comment.

  4. Becky Beer says:

    !! I’m so lucky to still have my Mom and MIL, I do all the above! They are 83 & 85, and (knock on wood) so healthy!

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Becky,

      Such a wonderful comment to read. They’re obviously lucky to have you, too.



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