Scary Things That Have Happened To Us Recently

“My daughter became very ill.”

Jenny Marmetschke Lupo

“Woke up one morning, with ringing in my ears. It is now 14 months later and they are still ringing. I have no choice but to go forward with all the anxiety, panic and depression it causes. My choice is to learn to cope somehow, and to pray someday it will go away.”

Gloria Morgado

“Divorce and stage 3 ovarian cancer. .. but beat it… now back in college to finish degree. Scary and out of my comfort zone but huge personal growth.”

Kathryn A. Koenig

“Taking on a new role in my job. Scary, challenging but exciting too.”

Angel Childress

“Heart failure”

Rose Marie Hagar-Filice

“I was thinking politically frustrated, frightened and disappointed until I read some of the frightening experiences of those who commented here. Strong, brave, positive, moving forward despite what life has thrown at them personally. My political fears don’t seem so important. Just praying we can get through the next four years without war and destruction of the USA.”

Cathy Ritz Barnett

“Cataract on right eye!”

Sue Langton

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