{Timeless Style} Babbie Lovett

“I just get up in the morning and think, ‘It’s a new day, now let’s see what play we’re gonna be in’,” says FOF Babbie Lovett, a model and fashion show MC for whom all the world’s a stage.

Act I: In the 1960s, Babbie modeled for fashion-forward designers such as Bill Blass, Halston and Anne Klein.

Act II: Today, at age 78, she still models occasionally and follows all the latest designers. But, for comfort and ease, she has pared down her look to a uniform of black basics and bold accessories.

“I learned early on with fashion that if it’s not becoming it doesn’t matter what it is.”FOF Babbie Lovett

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  1. Linda Cain says:

    Great articles and interview I e-mailed to Kim


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