{Timeless Style} Lib McPherson

FOF Lib McPherson believes that “personality as well as specific events in life,” should dictate a woman’s style, not fleeting fads.

This specific event in her life was a ferry ride along North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The year was 1951, and Lib was on vacation with her aunts and uncle. They visited the Elizabethan Gardens, the Wright Brothers Memorial, and saw “The Lost Colony” at the Waterside Theater with Andy Griffith starring as Sir Walter Raleigh. “He was a high school drama teacher and this was his summer job, but it was his big step to fame,” says Lib.

“I had just graduated college when this was taken. I was a home economics major which included a lot of art and costume design. Here I am wearing a yellow pique dress which I made to wear at work. I think the fabric flowers on my dress were a bunch of violets. I wore a baseball hat style with a narrow brim on the ferry to keep my hair in place.” -Lib McPherson

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  1. MJ Andrada says:

    Timeless it is! The best outfits are still tailored, fitted and combined with your own personality what speaks out the best of you!

  2. Betty says:

    Classy even with a baseball cap!

  3. KMM says:

    I love this!


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