{Timeless Style} Linda Dresner

It was the 1960s. Linda Dresner was 25 and already a wife and mother. Knowing that her only way out of the house was employment, she dropped off headshots at multiple modeling agencies and then waited for a phone call. A few weeks later that call came, and Linda began booking gigs modeling for car companies such as GM, Chevrolet and Ford as well as for for designers at Saks Fifth Avenue and the now-defunct department store, Bonwit Teller. Linda soon realized she had a natural eye for fashion and the ability to see clothes in a particular way. So she and a friend opened a little clothing store. “I wanted to distinguish myself and earn my own money,” she says. Today she is one of fashion’s most famous independent retailers and owner of an eponymous Birmingham, Michigan boutique.

“After two marriages, breast cancer, and more than 30 years in business, I feel more comfortable with myself, who I am and what I want to do,” she says.

“The criteria for modeling were different then,” said Linda. “You didn’t have to be 5’10” and weigh 105 pounds. You could be smaller, and more of a woman.”


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  1. Andrea says:

    She is the chicest woman I know.

  2. Sherrie says:

    I met Linda in the 70s — I was just starting Costume Design and styling….
    I became a real fan of her (Hattie was her original partner I believe) store for years to come…and even list her as a resource in “Steal This Style”.
    Sherrie (www.sherriemathieson.com)


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