How Many Times You’ve Moved

Our generation is made up of “movers and shakers,” but some of us have moved –literally–more times than we can remember.

Over 32 until I was 21. My dad was in the army in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Africa. He was a Foreign Legionnaire.  I’ve moved about seven times in my married life. I am certain it won’t be the over it ughhh.”

Carine Munro


Too many to count. Done moving at this point in my life. Plan to stay put and just enjoy my home.”

Joan Brewer

As a child, almost twice a year till I was 15. Now that I am getting close to sixty I have been still for ten years. But you never know what the IS around the corner! Lol.”

Kathryn White

35 (times) since birth. My mom and 2nd husband never could stay in the same place very long. Because of that, it took me a long time to ever feel secure anywhere. Now, I have been in the same house for almost 8 years, and I finally feel safe and happy. Oh, and I went to 9 schools in 12 years also.”

Jackie Mcsherry


Went to 14 different schools between K-12. No kidding. Altogether now, over 30 moves.”
Melissa Kassens

10 times. Would like to move again.”

Suki Chambers


4 (times)…same house now for 17 years.”

Deborah Pearson Masolwa

3 and still miss the second house where we were the most happiest, but now, our apartment is perfect as we downsized and in an amazing location.”

Angie Riozzi

Same house for the last 22 years…home sweet home.”

Sara Khan


Way too many. I’ll get back to you on the actual number.”

Debby Schoenhofer-Durica


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