Finding Your Signature Fragrance

“Had a sample in a store catalog which I usually throw in the garbage–well I smelled it, and HAD to have it. Estee Lauder’s Modern Muse. There are three or four of them–I bought Modern Muse LE Rouge Gloss—-LOVE IT. The other one in that collection is Modern Muse Chic, getting that next.”
Diane Kisicki
“Virgin Island Water by Creed. Also, Nars Monoi oil. Both are heaven, and unlike all of the others on this list, these companies are cruelty-free!! How can you enjoy wearing a fragrance where animals are tortured and suffer daily being tested on with these unethical products? No fragrance is worth that!!”
Kathy Pakulniewicz
“Angel…the only one I wear”
Jackie Martie

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