Tops, Tops Everywhere and Not a Top To Wear

geriNo matter how svelte some of us may be (not I, however!), there’s no getting around that darn belly fat that mysteriously attached itself to our bodies sometime during our fifties.

Sure, we want to keep it to a minimum, but we also want to wear clothes that don’t broadcast our tummies. Easier said than done, until charming and clever FOF, Pauline Durban, decided to take the matter into her own hands and design a line of tops called Covered Perfectly.

I wanted to let Pauline tell you herself what makes her pieces so dreamy the moment you slip them on. -Geri Brin


Here, Pauline is wearing one of her figure-flattering tops, 
softly draped at the neck and ruched at the bottom.


By Pauline Durban

You know that adage, ‘a closet full of nothing to wear’? When I hit fifty, it rang truer than ever. All the sleeves on my tops suddenly became too short to conceal the part of my arms I didn’t especially want to expose, and when they did manage to cover my arms, a too-short body would reveal my tummy! Why was no one designing clothes for me?

When I confided in my friends about the problem, they all shared my discomfort. If you’re reading this now, I suspect you’re having the same challenge!

Everyone assured me that I looked great, but ultimately it came down to how I felt about my own body. I wanted clothes that made me feel beautiful and empowered, but it was impossible to find women’s tops that would do the job.

I was determined not to settle on the dismal styles in the stores. Taking matters into my own hands I began to design a collection of tops made of delicious fabrics, in flattering silhouettes and lovely colors, and of course, featuring pieces that provided perfect coverage.


Simple comfort: Casually elegant, featuring perfect tummy and arm coverage.
Pairs beautifully with jeans or leggings and comes in 4 hues.

I researched numerous fabrics and blends and finally found MicroModal, a natural fabric made from the fiber of the European Beechwood. A breathable textile so soft that you forget it’s even there, MicroModal keeps you cool, and not just when the weather is warm! I had discovered exactly what I wanted!

It also was important to me that my designs be made in the USA, and I’m proud to say they are. My line is cut, sewn and beautifully put together for you in sunny Los Angeles!


One of our most popular styles for its versatility and comfort,
this top is great at the office or at lunch with the girls.

Covered Perfectly launched in May 2013, offering a dozen designs for every occasion, for every time of day and for every month of the year. At 57, I’ve invested in myself, and in my future. Now I can’t wait to get my fabulous tops onto all the real women over 40 who also want to be Covered Perfectly!

Although I started Covered Perfectly to solve my own frustrations, the glowing support I’m getting proves that our tops are answering the prayers of thousands of women with them same dilemma. Try our designs for yourself (and spread the word to your girlfriends)!

Fab Over Fifty subscribers can receive a 20% discount off of their first purchase. What’s more, shipping is FREE, even if you return a top.

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22 Responses to “Tops, Tops Everywhere and Not a Top To Wear”



  2. Debbie Terry says:

    I just got back from a very discouraging shopping trip – for the very reasons you are talking about. I like the second one also!

  3. Sheena Jennings says:

    This is great I can’t stand JR s and t-shirts any more.

  4. Ann Layser says:

    Flattering clothes are important to me, and these look like my style.

  5. Kathy says:

    Yes I really like the first top . . . and the color is puuurrrfect for any skin tone. Looks like it would go great with black!!

  6. Gayla says:

    love these designs.. do you carry plus sizes?

  7. christina pruitt says:

    do you also carry plus size clothes.

  8. Renee D. says:

    Would love to hide my mid body parts. That purple is gorgeous.

  9. Kathy Parker says:

    Looks like the models are not pear shaped. My shoulders are one size smaller than my hips, and am not sure these tops hit at the right place. Let me know.

  10. Antionette Blake says:

    Love them – perfect for the imperfect body – lol!

  11. Delia Sadler says:

    Hate to burst your bubble 🙂 but I figured this out a long time ago! I am long- waisted so I can’t wear the shorter tops or cropped tops. I also do not like the not being able to find pants that hit my waist. The low-rise pant styles are a nightmare for any woman. Totally unflattering and emphasizes a muffin top.

    A longer fitting top such as Covered Perfectly offers can help a shorter woman look taller.

    I would love to see more pastel colors offered and short sleeved options. I am 60 years old, quite slim and toned.

  12. Peggy says:

    Cute shirts and prices aren’t bad….especially the 3 for 2 price! Look very comfortable!

  13. Renee D. says:

    A flattening top! Love the idea.

  14. Terri says:

    LOVE these! I’m always looking for something V neck (MUCH more slimming for those of us who are getting busty as we get older) and of course anything to hide the tummy!

  15. Bev says:

    can you buy these or order them, I live in Toronto, Canada

  16. Donna Lynady says:

    Look cute!

  17. Janice Jacks says:

    Love the tops.

  18. Bev Roden says:

    I love these clothes and will definitely place an order. The 3/4 length sleeve is perfect for the office in Florida year around!

  19. Allisn@neversaydiebeauty says:

    Love that drape of the neckline and I adore 3/4 length sleeves. Gotta check out the prices!

  20. Nancy Norris (Bunnie) says:

    What a FAB idea..woops.Well,THAT is the first thing that came to mind.And just where did that belly bulge come from.It’s alien!Mine has gone down a lot since moving back to the mainland.I think it is a direct result of the cooler weather and not having an ice cream pint stuck to my face in an
    effort to get heat relief!


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