Trash or Treasure?


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  1. off2thespa says:

    If it’s real fur it’s trash-fake fur it’s a treasure!

  2. BeckyK says:

    If you like the way it looks on you and it fits your occasion, it is a treasure.

  3. PKW says:

    Trash. Just say no.

  4. Diane says:

    I like to be different. Actually, I have a fake fur vest that my mother made for me in the 50’s. On occasion, I still wear it. And I always receive compliments. It looks good with a long skirt, with jeans, with a host of articles of clothing. I still love the fact that my dear mother made it for me and I still have it after all these years and it still fits perfectly!

  5. Melinda Lott says:

    Gorgeous! Would look awesome with black & silver!

  6. Corinne says:

    Just Trash! I’d put it in the “let’s play dress-up” box for little kids, so I guess it could have some use.

  7. Hawklady says:

    Treasure for a thin, fashion forward 22 year old. Trash for anyone over 40…

  8. bclaxton says:

    Depends on your attitude and if its fake fur. IF natural fur, it is ghastly ugly. IF you think you look great in it, you probably do.

  9. Marne Rogers says:


    As Oscar Wilde quipped about fox hunting: “The despicable in pursuit of the inedible.”

  10. Mary G says:

    Treasure! If you have the style to pull it off, it could be fantastic.


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