{Style Expert} We asked our FOFs: “What is your signature piece?”

From a $39 pair of jeans to a vintage jewelry line worn by 1930s movie stars, here’s what we discovered FOFs can’t live without…

Joseff Vintage Jewelry
“I love vintage costume jewelry. There is jewelry from a man named Joseff who was a designer in the late ’30s and early ’40s, he designed jewelry for Gone with the Wind and many of the Hollywood movies.” –Carol Guber

Cateye glasses
“I almost can’t wait until I need glasses in order to buy the classic rhinestone studded tortoiseshell cateyes that my mother used to wear!” –m8200n

Uniqlo Jeans
“I buy jeans in bulk at Uniqlo for $39 and at Urban Outfitters (they’re called Cheap Mondays).” –Linda Rodin

Wolford Cotton Stretch Bodysuit
“I wear a Wolford cotton stretch body suit every day to pull everything together. It’s a comfort thing and it eliminates lines.” –Linda Dresner

Black Pant and Tunic in Allie-Coosh’s Signature Fabric
“My favorite items of clothing are a black pant and a tunic in my signature fabric – a washable microfiber that comes in 44 colors. I can make it work for day or glam it up for evening.” –Paulette Martsolf

Judith Ripka Necklace
“My signature piece of jewelry is my Judith Ripka necklace I won on Oprah’s Favorite Things Show in 2003.” –ghall1972

Dior Sunglasses
“My Dior Sunglasses are my newest favorite find. Beautiful designs that feel and look spectacular. Worth every penny.” –lifeiswonderful2

Roberto Cavalli Dress
“My signature item is a Roberto Cavalli dress that I absolutely love. It’s bias cut, stretch material and the color is dreamsicle orange and cream swirl. It’s very sheer and huggy and comes to the knee. I wear it with spiky Gucci heels and every time, mens’ jaws drop and women say, ‘Where did you get that?'” –Debra Deem

What’s your signature piece?  

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2 Responses to “{Style Expert} We asked our FOFs: “What is your signature piece?””

  1. Heidi says:

    My absolute favs include my 30 year old Giorgio Armani tortoise shell sunglasses (purchased for $50. at the Milano airport shop on sale), my collection of Hermes scarves, my 25 year old Ferragamos (with multiple resolings), my grandmother’s David Webb jewelry and my Gap Long and Lean jeans!

  2. Gwen Surell says:

    My signature piece is a bright yellow hobo bag by Rosetti. Not the most expensive purse in the world, but it sure sets me apart – and looks great with my summer wardrobe — plus it has room to stash a few extra things I might need!


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