11 Things That Bring Us Great Comfort

It can be fulfilling to step out of our comfort zone and take on a good challenge, but there’s nothing quite so satisfying as the people, places and things that bring us great comfort—physically, spiritually and mentally. Here are 11 that top our list.

1. Grown children who call simply to
say “thinking of you.”

2. A pal you can call, any time of day or night, to lift
you up, talk it over or hash it out.

3. A home that makes you smile the moment
you walk through the door.

4. A luxurious, handmade cashmere throw, in orange.

5. A small local restaurant where you can dine solo and the owner makes you feel like family.

6. Threadbare plaid flannel pajamas with mismatched buttons and a stretched-out waistband that you’ve
got to hold together with safety pins.

Photo by Mockingbird Hill Cottage

7. A lingerie drawer full of well-made, good-looking Wearever panties, with sewn-in Unique-Dri
pads, to cover you just in case…

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8. Enough money in the bank to protect you from unemployment, foreclosure & credit ruination.

9. Albums crammed with family photos
going back generations.

10. Memories of all the wonderful things
you’ve done in your life so far.

11. Your wits and well-being.

What’s your greatest comfort?

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