{Weekly Roundup}

Eat, Pray, Love and Read these blog posts from the week.

Eat, Pray, Love the look!

Why older is better.

real Lipstick Jungle

How to wear hats if you’re a grown-up

Tips-y and Toes

Comic strip, Cathy, comes to an end

Levi’s new jeans throw women some curves.

To capri or not to capri?

Marc Jacobs set to release plus-sized line

Until Monday FOFs…

P.S. Sometimes love really is better late than never.

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3 Responses to “{Weekly Roundup}”

  1. Lisa Porter says:

    And thank you Geri for including my “older is better” little b-day story in the weekly roundup with Eat, Pray, Love. Have a great week.

  2. Lisa Porter says:

    Thank you Toby for your wonderful insight! I love hats!

  3. Toby Wollin says:

    OK – Wearing hats if you are a grown up. (truth in advertising: I wear hats and I make hats)…

    For ladies: a couple of basic rules:
    First: Do not fear the hat. It’s YOUR hat; wear it and own it. Think of the most glamorous woman you have ever seen and wear the hat the way she did. This will probably be slightly tilted over to one side which looks good on literally everyone.
    Second: Take your height into consideration when you choose hats. Put it on in a mirror where you can see your self from the elbows up. If you mentally draw vertical lines up from the edges of your shoulders, the brim should fit inside those two lines.
    Third: Everyone looks good in a hat. There is no human being that does not look good in a hat. If you can find someone who makes hats or has a shop, take an hour and go try on hat after hat after hat. You will find one you fall in love with. Buy it. Wear it.
    Fourth: do not underestimate the power of a hat to make you look more important (see Abzug, Bella), taller, more elegant and protect your skin.
    Fifth: No matter what outfit you are wearing, a nice hat (we’re not talking ballcaps here) will instantaneously upgrade the perceived quality of the outfit.


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