{Weekly Roundup}

So what’s with fashion week anyway? Everything you wanted to know about it but were afraid to ask.

“It’s a different world today and you have to adapt. You can’t look to the past. -Karl Lagerfeld

Earth tones for your tips

Vintage postcards from Tinseltown

Balenciaga commissions FOF Cindy Sherman to create wacky self-portraits

Fall fashions for women look back to the 1950s

Meeting Jane Birkin


How to wear a belt

It’s Fashion’s Night Out tonight FOFs…We can’t wait to hear how you’re celebrating. Xox.

P.S. If you’re gearing up your wardrobe for fall, you’ll need this, first.

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  1. Debbie N says:

    I would improve my living room, because any thing would be an improvement!!


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