{Weekly Roundup}

Glove love! It’s hands off til Monday, FOFs.

Give your hands a treat

Battle of the best-dressed fashion editor

Secret Paris Séjour

This ain’t no corsage

10 perfect ponytails after 40

World’s oldest twins say liquor is the key to longevity

Secrets from the FOF French Vogue editor-in-chief

What a magazine without models looks like… Pretty good!

Have a delightful weekend….

P.S. Why not wear your childhood memories?

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  1. Bima says:

    You did great for your first vlog! I love making vlogs, but when I sang for one I was so so SO nrveous. So you are braver than me.So nice to meet you. Have a great day!.-= Jendi s last blog .. =-.

  2. fashion apperal says:

    I do like your views in this articles.


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