{Weekly Roundup}

Hold the wire, please. We’ll return on Monday, FOFs.

Your relationship with your handbag

One dress, two ways

Freshen up your summer look

Warm-weather recipe

A clothing line to block the sun!

It’s all in the details

Stay fab even at 100

Your makeup: Don’t sweat it

May survival guide

By chance

Audrey Hepburn: queen of muses

Beauty spots

Ben Kweller’s music video starring his FOF grandma

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  1. shultzsk says:

    I feel a bit like an old pro with this parenting business, and it;s agoodfeeling, it really is. But what will really be good and golden is when our family comes together effortlessly again, falling back into conversation patterns, easy jokes. I;ll feel less small, and less like I;m carrying alone the sweet burden of our little world.

  2. Chandan says:

    Heather – I LOVE Banner Boutique and have been a fan for a little while now. My fativore is the light pink and cream vintage, bird cage netting headband that my little angel is modeling above

  3. Lisa Porter says:

    Thanks so much for the mention regarding my blog story on Chance Co.
    Delighted to be there and with you too!
    Lisa Porter


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