{What do you think of this look?}

Style versus comfort is a dressing dilemma we all face. But, really, do we have to choose? This FOF clearly doesn’t think so. She’s rocking super-supportive sandals and an oh-so-en-mode wide brimmed hat. But, what do our style experts think? Did she achieve comfort-chic style? What do you think, FOFs?

Sherrie Mathieson: “This looks schizophrenic. Our practical FOF (having sought hat sun protection and comfort) starts with a summery, feminine vision for her upper self, then opts for a “hiking” look for her lower body. Rubber bands don’t make for great bracelets, and I have a feeling that the hidden shoulder bag is no more attractive than her sandals. She is a classic example of an FOF who sacrifices style for comfort.”

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.

Susan Grant: “I like the pastel color combination and even the cheerful, colorful hat. But the vertical-striped blouse isn’t flattering on such a full figure, and the gathering at the waist accentuates her hips. The harem pants would be fine with a simple, straight tailored shirt worn un-tucked.”

Susan Grant is merchandise manager for Muse, a full-service jewelry showroom.

Sandra Soich:
“I can’t imagine someone could be serious about wearing this. It looks like she’s not wearing a bra when she should be wearing the best minimizer possible. She should forgo the blouson look for a top that’s long and lean. The hat is a definite ‘no.’ Her pants and shoes are the saving grace.”

Sandra Soich is wardrobe stylist to the stars and founder of YourFashionTherapist.com.

Lovey Dash: “Where does one begin? I guess I’ll start from the top. It’s such a great year for hats, but this one is ridiculous. The bow is too much and… red!?  The peasant top is not right for her bust size. A safari shirt or a tee would have been a better choice… actually, anything would have been better! The pants could have been a better fit, but I can deal. The shoes look comfortable, but I would have chosen an espadrille. At the very least, the sun is off her face and she is comfy…….”

Lovey Dash is a Beverly Hills-based stylist. She was formerly in VIP sales for Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive.

Robin Mizrahi: “This FOF proves it isn’t easy dressing comfortably and weather-appropriately without looking sloppy. This isn’t a look–just pieces she put on together. From the waist down there is a relaxed harmony — easy breezy, just stepping out and about. Not so with her upper half — the top is just not flattering for a woman with her bust. If she picks up her arm, the elastic at the bottom of the top will rise up and you will see her belly — big no no! This outfit could be helped with a simple shirt change. A soft linen or cotton voile shirt or even a slightly oversized white blouse is all she needs to make this look much better.”‘

Robin Mizrahi is co-owner of Pamela Robbins boutique, buyer, merchandiser and entrepreneur.

Susan Hersh: “I like her casual putty pants. They’re great to wear cuffed on a sizzling day, and the sandal is a perfect choice. The blouse is not flattering for such an endowed woman and the elastic waist adds a lot of unnecessary fabric to her stomach. A top such as this DVF blouse or this Joie silk blouse would be much more flattering. They have ¾ length sleeves (like the shirt she is wearing) but the hems are easy and loose and the split necklines are more forgiving.”

Susan Hersh is a Ford model and the host and executive producer of Meet The Experts.

Terry Gibralter:
“The blowsy striped top with full sleeves isn’t very flattering for such a well-endowed gal, and the wide elastic band doesn’t work with the pockets on the khakis.  Don’t even get me started on the hat! This look does not work!”

Terry Gibralter is the founder of Bespoke Custom Shopping Tours, carefully-crafted shopping “vacations” and a self-proclaimed, “fashion-obsessed” FOF.

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  1. MapSkraps says:

    Hat – A
    Blouse – B
    Pants – C
    Shoes – F

  2. anisemarsh says:

    One will always be too young to do this to one’s self. I’ll bet she did not know what that shirt would look like in a photo.
    Having done this to myself, I ask my daughter for unvarnished truth. You always need the truth in fashion.

  3. Judith Marshall says:

    Looks like what my grandmother wears to do her gardening.

  4. donnarp1 says:

    I like the neutral tones of the outfit. I do not like the combination of two baggy pieces, a better choice would be a straight leg pants.

  5. sharon910 says:

    No I don’t think so. Don’t like anything about it

  6. dbo says:

    i agree all is good but the blouse. yes, it match hat colour yet didn’t compliment the woman’s figure in the least. I guess this is why I have 4 full length mirrors I see myself in before leaving home,in closet to pick clothes, bathroom to see after I do make-up put on out fit, 3way one in bedroom amiore and a face high one by door with full length on opposite wall… see yourself from all sides in all lighting, then decide if you want to go in the “world” in this “outfit” or don’t give are darn dress in the dark !!

  7. ddeste says:

    Not complimentary, baggie crops and way too poufy baggy top. Top is not for someone with large breasts

  8. Cécile Wheatley says:

    Oh, my word! This is… yes! schizo!!

  9. starsmom says:

    just awful in so many ways……

  10. mamayo says:

    I think it looks awful…..’nuf said

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  11. Lynda Lynda says:


  12. Marcia says:

    Oh dear. First, the blouse is all wrong — too billowy for her full figure and the elasticized waist just accentuates her fullness — and not in a good way. Something more tailored and straight on top would help immensely. The pants’ cuff looks messy; it should be folded up neatly under the strap. Good to have sun coverage with the hat, but the hat… hmmmm. I have to echo someone else’s comment that it looks like she just threw something on — a “Who cares?” day.

  13. whisper13 says:

    Don’t …absolutely don’t!. It would be fun to see the “after” picture if the ‘experts’ redressed her. I find that I buy the outfit on display if is is flattering on me. I want to look chic not schizo. Sherrie M really stated it well.

  14. Brigid says:

    I’d like to see any of the more critical commenters – if they live up to their own rigorous standards! I go with both Annes – sick of judging people. Look after yourselves! This cult of wearing the right clothes has become ridiculous. Muffin top, big breasts? A baby would love such a cuddly grandma!

  15. Soledad says:

    I think the sandals and pants are o.k. but the whole look is just sad, sad, sad.

  16. marla_j98 says:

    It’s a disorganized look and definitely, a comfort over style outfit. Another top could make all the difference. A nice casual bag could pull it together and the hat would have to be a more sporty one to go with the pants. 🙂

  17. Shellie says:

    YIKES is right! I do not like this look. Not flattering or youthful 50’s look or style. Try again!

  18. Patricia says:

    the look, oh boy the look, automatically i thought frumpy and too old. the outfit is wrinkled and looks like she just threw this one to go to the corner store, the hat was thrown on hoping no one would recognize her. if you took each peice and layed them side by side after ironing each peice we could come up with an outfit combining just one peice with something else, all together, OUCH.

  19. Kay says:

    I like her pants and sandals, but the top reminds me of a puffy pastel marshmallow, and like a marshmallow, it should be roasted! The look does not work.

  20. Anne says:

    You know what? I am tired of judging others. Maybe her outfit makes her happy. Maybe it doesn’t, but it’s what she had ready to wear. Who cares? Does it kill anyone to look at her? (Really!) I stopped feeling awkward about my appearance, and others seeing me when I might not “look my best” when I realized I only have one life, each present moment, and how I am dressed or who thinks what about my outfit is just not important. And guess what – I am happy – well liked – respected – well employed – and non-neurotic. BTW – great boobs! 🙂

  21. Sallyjoy says:

    I was raised in the South where my grandmothers’ words still ring in my ears….”If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.”
    This outfit leaves me speechless.

  22. ewhatley says:

    Everything is wrong here; nothing flatters her. I think I’m about her size and her age and I wouldn’t wear any of these pieces, hat to shoes. Comfort is a top priority for me and there are so many comfortable choices that are affordable, flattering and stylish.

  23. Dorothy Saul says:

    I think sunscreen in lieu of the hat paired with sunglasses would work better and if a hat is desired, something neutral like a straw brimmed hat with a neutral band would work well. A simple top in a fresh white, whether it be a classic tee, a tailored blouse or an open blouse layered over a tee would look more current. I like the color of her slacks but am not a fan of patch pockets. Additionally, I’d like to see her make a commitment to either the capri or pant length, not in-between. The sandal looks comfortable and works okay but is not my personal taste.

  24. Jo Ann Graham says:

    Not flattering. Not cooling. Not pretty. Not attractive. Not for me.

  25. Mick says:

    It wasn’t prudent to leave the house wearing this combo. Any (baggy!) pants that end mid-calf put the wearer on auto-frump. For FOFs, no bulky pockets (especially around the belly!) and stop shorts just above or below the knee to flatter.

    Stop wearing hats which tie under the chin at age 8 – choose a flattering summer chapeau. A button down big linen shirt (perhaps unbuttoned with a slimming tank underneath) and slim Bermuda length shorts would have worked nicely – they also look stylish with a broad brim straw hat. Keeping it simple with less strobing patterns is always in good taste.

    Appropriate undergarments are always de rigor before stepping out the door! Heavens, what would your mother say?!!! This look is a DO-OVER. Sure as shootin’ – you leave the house looking like this and someone is going to post your photo on the Net. No one wants immortality looking like this.

  26. Barbara Flournoy says:

    I like the pants… the hat and blouse is not flattering at all.

  27. jetlag383 says:

    Well, we know she has muffin top issues.

  28. krava says:

    I do NOT like this look.

  29. sharon910 says:

    deffinatetly a no no. She look heaver in that shirt and what can I say about the rest no no no

  30. Erika Bradley says:

    I love everything about her look…….except for the top!
    She looks wonderfully loose and comfortable but much too much so above the waist.

  31. colleen gilgenbach says:

    Pull those babies up! Wear a minimizer bra! Gees! Get someone on your fashion police team with boobs and some empathy! This woman bashing column is VERY annoying. This is supposed to be a fashion critique not what’s wrong with this woman’s body? I’m large breasted and large in general. Trying to look good is a challenge. Why don’t you go find some well dressed women and show us the do’s? Bashing is easy (or at least this has been easy for me)!

  32. StChienne says:

    Young or old, there’s no excuse for just throwing it all on and heading out; it’s like making an ice cream sundae blindfolded! Shape, flow, silhouette — those are the things to check in the mirror. Her pants and shoes, while fine for someone long and lean, aren’t working on her. She doesn’t look casual from the waist down, she looks sloppy. From the waist up, the blouse and hat fight with her body and with each other. Imagine her in a pair of sandals, dark jeans, a belted white shirt and a panama hat — she’d look fabulous!

  33. Mary Caliendo says:

    All wrong all over! She may be comfortable but I was uncomfortable looking at this! I agree- a DON’T.

  34. Trisha says:

    Well, the hat matches her toenails, and she must have been trying for a like color scheme in the blouse (do they still make these tops? NOT flattering at all) Too much going on with the pants, big pockets, tabs, scrunched up at the bottom… I would not wear those shoes but she may find them comfortable. In general, I think she was going for comfort, but could have done in a “cleaner” way with a few of the changes others have mentioned.

  35. Hotforfifty says:

    Maybe on a farm. She looks like she is just having a bad-I-don’t care kind of day.

  36. jjosemans says:

    I don’t think the outfit is flattering at all. The blouse, with the stripes and gathering make her look old. Sorry!

  37. Louise says:

    Switch the pants with a crinoline skirt and she would look perfect in a covered wagon! I have a neighbor who dresses much like this woman, but I live in a suburb of NYC and don’t expect to see much style except at malls and restaurants. Live and let live, I say. I personally would never step out of my house looking like this even on the hottest day and even if I was willowy. Give me a pair of jeans and a tank top or, even cooler, a maxi dress and comfortable sandals. A hat without chin straps is definitely cooler, by the way. Maybe it was windy that day and she wanted to make sure her hat would stay on?

  38. Norma Byrd says:

    It’s all been said. I would never wish to be seen wearing this get-up. Having said that though, there are times in my life when I have had to go out looking less “perfect” than I wanted to. I just hoped no one pointed a camera at me then! OH I LOVE PENNY’S COMMENTS! Thank you, thank you, thank you! There are so many “in” styles that are just plain boorish. Down with the slobbish look! Back to good taste, and it can still be comfortable.

  39. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    I want to be kind, but I think this outfit makes her look older than she probably is. It screams, “I’ve just been weeding my hollyhocks!” There are simple ways to be casual AND wear a more fashionable hat for protection.

  40. dmnyes says:

    This look is TOOO BUSY! It looks like she had nothing else to wear.

  41. Robin says:

    Susan Hersh’s comments 100%!

  42. Anne Leighton says:

    I’m curious to find out why vertical stripes would not be flattering for any woman.

    I also think that both Sandra’s and Lovey’s comments, “I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t know this” are insulting as not everyone is fashion-conscience. I think style experts need a little more humanity in helping people learn about fashion sense. Obviously some of us don’t have an aptitude for this. We make fashion blunders, ask the wrong people for help with our clothing choices. We’re not going to spend money on taking style courses. We have other kinds of expertise.

  43. stupid looking ..not at all chic! says:


  44. Rosie M.Metzler says:

    Ildara is right,I’m sixty,I think it’s the blouse,it’s screaming”take me off”or “please not in public”!!!Was it laundry day and we had nothing left to wear?I’ve done it!

  45. sandyh says:

    the problem is simple: when stores put clothes for younger people in the departments for ‘older’ people then what are you to buy? it’s like years ago i worked in the juniors dept. of a local department store — and they were selling hot pants [remember those? aka short shorts] in size 20! i mean, really?? and they were selling like hot cakes!

    it’s so hard to find age-appropriate clothing in today’s stores. the designers seem to feel that we can all wear these type of tops and pants — just like 8-yr-olds can wear slinky, barely-there clothing.

  46. maxine says:

    Comfy is one thing, but this outfit (dare I call it an outfit) looks like a mush mash of clothing just thrown together. The pants aren’t bad and the shoes look comfy but together they don’t work. Try try again.

  47. Teridavisnewman says:

    No! No! No! Non! NFW! My grandmother wouldn’t leave the house looking like that! Coe to think of it, she wouldn’t wear that IN the house. UGH!

  48. Andy says:

    It’s absolutely atrocious! THis is most suitable for the garden…………if you’re SURE that no one will see you that day!

  49. Marcia Robinson says:

    YIKES! The blouse looks as if her breasts started under her arms. The shoes? Can’t find words to describe them. And the hat? To a degree, she looks as if she had just come off ….. The blouse shouldn’t come down to where the pockets are. Hopefully, she didn’t buy these items.

  50. tril says:

    She’s not trying to look like a model. She’s trying to be functional. Her shoes may not be the most stylish, but they’re fine and they look like they’d be comfortable for long walks. I agree with everyone that it’s her top that doesn’t work. Blouson tops don’t work for many people. However, I’m offended by Sandra Soich’s comment that “she should be wearing the best minimizer possible.” Style is making the best of what you have, not forcing your boobs to be smaller to match a fashionista’s decree that small boobs are best.

  51. SandyF says:

    Very very frumpy!!!!

  52. Ruth Roscoe says:

    This reminds me to be careful how to dress when it is hot outside and I want to be comfortable. The hat with the big red bow at the neck is not cool. She, like me needs a makeover.

  53. Diana Prewitt says:

    Yikes, this is embarrassing!

  54. Lydia says:

    I am very grateful to Susan Hersch, the only one of the experts who actually offered a suggestion for a top that would work well for this woman.

    I think that many of the comments about this look forget that the question is about looks for a very hot day: ‘boot cut pants’ are not exactly cooling. IME, a well cut, casual, lightweight fabric skirt works best for FOFs on a hot day. Although I am not particularly well endowed, and generally wear a size 6, today’s pants with their baggy or too-tight cuts are almost never flattering.

  55. penny says:

    I HATE cargo pants on anyone except little boys or house painters. What’s the point, no one ever puts anything in the pockets anyway.
    I would love to see Americans go back to a more sophisticated look, like in the 40’s, 50’s. We look like a country of slobs with our t-shirts, baggy pants, sneakers and revealing clothing.

  56. corazon7 says:

    Wow! All you see is stripey boobs and belly! I think this woman was possibly trying for a youthful look? Sorry, she traded youthful for “grabbed the first thing and put it on.” The problem is, none of it works. Pockets on middle aged hips? Noooooo….The excess blouson material around the middle, only makes her look chubby. This out fit might be comfortable, but so is a night gown and you don’t wear that outside(although it might be a better look). The hat looks like an attempt at a ” sporty, southern ladies gardening look”. The sandals are the only passable item, but what do the sandals have to do with the blouse and the hat? She needs to ditch the hat, use sun screen. A plain Oxford cloth blouse, un-tucked on top, with a pair of denim dungarees( no hip pockets or pleats). Oila! comfortable and figure flattering. The outfit would make sense with the sandals!

  57. Linda Caricofe says:

    Rule number one, never ever wear pockets, unless you are actually going hiking.
    And, the straps at the ankles of the pants, only call attention to her ankles, and sad, but the lady is not a tall willowy lady.
    Nice boot cut pants that have stretch helps create a slender silhouette. If she must wear crop pants, then a plain style crop pants that are wrinkle free for a smooth look and a wedge sandal of some height to help slenderize the look of the legs.
    Never wear tops with the elastic waist unless you are slender. Instead, a nice simple top with slits at the sides to enable the top the flow at your waist instead of drawing attention to your waist.
    Always remember, to look younger, dress appropriately , the top this lady chose is a no no the whole way.
    Take a little time to look at yourself in the mirror before you leave the house. Even if only going to put gas in the car, be sure you look good, because if you do not, the odds are, someone will see you that you know, and you will feel awkward at not looking your very best.
    Looking good only takes common sense and a good look in the mirror, it is not time consuming at all.
    And the rewards of putting your style first, before walking out that door, will be all positives, guaranteed.
    Love her hat though.

  58. Beverly Young says:

    This whole outfit is a no no from head to toe

  59. Jane Hardin says:

    Pants are ok, but burn the blouse….and the hat screams old…sorry….don’t mean to sound mean, but it would be a kindness to change a few things and it would make a big improvement!

  60. Rallo says:

    It accentuates all the wrong places!

  61. dirobert says:

    Not good…not good at all! Put the blouse in the Good Will box, save the hat for the beach, let the pants down and please lose the shoes! This gal could definitely work a long white shirt open with a cami with these pants and some stylin’ sporty shoes. She definitely needs some additional support in the bust area! I think she was having a “Who cares” day!

  62. ildara says:

    OMG, I am over 70 and you wont get me in that style…It is scary!

  63. jwagn says:

    As they say in Glamour Magszine on the Do’s and Don’ts page …this is a DON’T


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