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We commend any errand-bound FOF who leaves the house sans sweatpants. Take for instance this dog-walking beauty sporting an elevated weekend look. But, is her outfit too simple or simply perfect? See what our style experts think, then tell us your opinion in the comments, below.

Sherrie Mathieson: Lucky dog, lovely lady! Living proof that you can look both sexy and appropriate. Because her boots are flat they have a sporty chic and youthful look. She wisely kept her sweater loose, and balanced the tight jeggings with the over the knee boot, perfectly.

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.

Deborah Boland and Jojami Tyler (The Glam Gals): We’re in puppy love with this gals polished, pooch-walking look. Making an effort to look pulled together even when popping out for a walk with the dog is the sign of a true glam gal. With a touch of light makeup, a crisp white blouse and updated over-the-knee boots tucked into skinny jeans she has all the elements to look elegant and comfortable. We salute her for looking chic on the street!

“Glam Gals” Deborah Boland and Jojami Tyler co-write the brilliant fashion blog, Fabulous After 40.

Shelley Zurek: The only change I would suggest in this elegant dog walker’s outfit, is that she lighten her much too dark eyebrows. Everything else, while plain, is quiet, understated, and appropriate to the task at hand. Love the outfit head to toe!

Shelley Zurek is the clever FOF behind the blog, Still Blonde after all these YEARS.

Terry Gibralter: Simply elegant! She put together a very chic and classic look. Love the beautiful sweater worn over the gorgeous silk blouse. The top paired with leggings tucked into over-the-knee boots (every FOF’s must have), has her looking pulled together for errands or whatever the day brings. Love her polished hair and makeup too!

Terry Gibralter is the Sr. Vice President and Creative Director at Grey advertising as well as a fashion stylist and the creator of these clever work accessories.

Susan Hersh: This chic elegant woman is starting the New Year off on the right boot. This particular knee-high shoe is one of the prettiest I have seen, and paired with the dark skinny jean is true perfection. The sweater is simply luscious and her jewelry choice conveys subtle elegance. This outfit shows that fashion doesn’t have to be complicated to make a statement.

Susan Hersh is a Ford model and the host and executive producer of Meet The Experts.

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  • Her look is certainly one to comment on. I may be the odd one out here to say that I don’t really think of this look as ‘elegant’, as many of the comments have mentioned. Given the loose fit of the sweater and short heel of the boots, I’d say her look is more casual. On another note, I also agree that her brows could use some lightening up next to her highlighted hair.

    To answer the question: I think her outfit is perfect. It is not too simple. In fact, I think for just walking Fido it is actually pretty chic.

  • carolyn


  • Mamavalveeta03

    She looks great! The only thing I’d change is her makeup. I would put her in a warmer foundation that covers her redness better (as a former makeup artist, I notice these things!), and the eyebrows arent’ the right shade: TOO dark!

  • Phyllis O

    This look of slacks tucked into tall boots is all the craze! However, only someone slender and tall can truly get away with it and this gal nails it! Looks terrific!

  • Annamarie

    Her outfit is simply perfect, casual but chic. I love her style.

  • Dianne

    She looks simply elegant. Low blow to comment on her eyebrows. I like the “Brooke Shields” look of dark eyebrows/lighter hair combo. It makes a great statement and makes her look less generic. Defines the eyes.

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  • Nancy M

    Absolutely perfect for the afternoon. Casual yet chic.

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  • Dorinda Hallenbeck

    This look she pulled together is really great in a refreshing, simple way. The only thing I am not fond of is her hair…it looks too orange/brassy…and she needs a trim…to me, the ends of her hair look chewed on/dead/split. Other than that…which is possibly hurtful…she looks totally perfecto !

  • Lisa

    The only possible improvement on a brilliant outfit would be some red/berry lip balm:).

  • MarDo

    The lady and pet are absolute perfection. She is a style wise woman. Love it.

  • janet


  • Ann

    Finally, a FOF who looks fabulous!!! Simplicity is the key to elegance and she has it mastered!

  • Susan

    Simply perfect!

  • Helen Shakh

    fabulous look!!!!

  • Leslie Lone

    Love this look.Comfortable and yet classic.

  • mxkh


  • avonlady

    Reminds me of the NY Jackie Kennedy look.

  • avonlady

    I just love this look! Simple yet elegant. And the boots are just so nice looking.

  • lisa

    This look is absolutely perfect. the dog is cute too.

  • Lisa

    Absolutely perfect!

  • Pkw


  • Toni

    I have a love/hate relationship with this feature. I don’t like it when someone’s outfit is picked apart yet I love it when you show someone looking a mess! I loved all of the positive comments from the experts- yea!!!

  • Dorothy Campbell

    I love this look and have used it myself a few times.

  • Christine Norman

    She looks terrific, fit, and very smart – a responsible pet owner too.

  • Jayne Moy

    The outfit is fine, but I agree with Shelly her eyebrows are far to dark and her make-up could be updated. I’m no personally keen on over the knee boots but that’s just personal.

  • Laura Borud

    The best one of these yet! In fact the only outfit I would wear in it’s entirety. Perfection and she is gorgeous.

  • maxine kell

    I love her look. Her look is very similar to my look. I also do the skinny jeans with a not so oversized shirt or sweater and flat boots. I find this look to be very flattering.

  • Susan

    Love it” can I have it?

  • Deb

    Polished for sure. The ONLY change I would make is the boot – over the knee is over the top for pants – best reserved for short skirts, which would not suit. A classic riding boot would make this outfit picture perfect.

  • Sally Saw

    Sheer elegance!

  • Pat

    All you can say is she looks PERFECT!

  • rita

    I think she looks terrific!

  • donna.gordon

    I Love the look. Very sleek and stylish.

  • Soledad

    I like her outfit. She looks casual and comfortable, but classy. How many of us leave home on errands, with sweats on because that’s what is easy and comfortable.

  • Marne

    Love the look except for the collar and cuffs peeking out from the sweater. Unless this is a look coming back, the preppieness of it just looks dated. Otherwise, Black and white is perfect and timeless.

  • susan miller

    Shen looks so darn cute and put together!!! This is the type pf clothes that are so comfortable and if you have doggies(4 in our home) you know the value of comfort and trying to look pulled together. The boots are really great looking and I bet a walk in these would be amazing. I am very impressed with her pick.


    Audrey Hepburn Classic. Obviously takes pride in how she looks.

  • BlueBear

    Finally! A lovely FOF dressed age-appropriate and simply elegant! No big clunky jewelry hanging everywhere, no loud prints, nothing but simplicity and elegance! Brava!

  • Maggie Rowe

    This is my fave look I’ve seen on the site. Classy, elegant, youthful yet season-of-life appropriate. I might add a chunky necklace to give a pop of color but that’s quibbling over what is already a really good look. I agree totally with the experts on this one. Keep these looks coming to give us all inspiration!

  • Cathy B

    This look is elegant, simple and it’s nice to see a woman looking youthful, but not trying to look “young”. Dog is great, too. Now, what’s with these comments from women who purport to be FOFs, but sound like empty-headed, jargon-spouting, hip-language speaking morons. Honies, you’re FOF, not your daughters, nieces, or salesgirls who can’t string a decent sentence together!!!

  • Shawn

    Beautiful woman, beautiful dog. Love the outfit head to toe. If she were going out to eat or to a store etc, I would add a scarf with her best colors. I agree, brows are too dark.

  • mtwheat

    I love everything ( including the Dog!) except the boots. I think it would be a lot more cute with some brown 9″ DAWG Tassell boots. They’re the bomb!

  • Jacquie

    Thank God another woman who thinks less is more.

  • bclaxton

    She looks fabulous.

  • Laurie


  • Debra S

    I think she looks perfect! I only wish I could rock slacks like this… LOL. I need to hit the gym a bit harder.

  • Julie Vadnais


  • Vickie

    Hahhaa…..this is my look! I love it!

  • grnwillow

    Simply perfect! A classic, modern, elegant style.
    Beautiful woman, beautiful clothes, beautiful dog. Love it.

  • Mamavalveeta03

    I think she looks fantastic and classy. But I agree that I would lighten up the brows. It would make her look fresher and more awake in an instant! (and I speak as a makeup artist!)

  • pattib

    I think she looks great. Relaxed, casual for a dog walk or whatever.

  • Mick

    Polished and perfect. I would add a brighter lipstick: but what this FOF has going on is gorgeous. Kudos for the individuals who actually get dressed before going out in public instead of walking dogs in bathrobes.

    I hope the woman asking about FOF’s in legggings makes note of this woman’s excellent example!

  • Gelene

    As a very conservative dresser, this is the first time EVER I’ve liked EVERYTHING about an outfit you’ve shown and also have agreed with ALL the experts’ comments. What a classy lady! Lovely dog, as well.

  • Sheila

    She’s wearing quality, elegant, understated pieces and looks absolutely perfect. I refuse to buy into the “make your outfit pop/look younger” advice (?) disseminated by current fashion mavens – and apparently so does this FOF. Here is proof positive that timeless pieces never go out of style!

  • Amy G

    Perfect – I absolutely love it.

  • jamorela2002

    Simply perfect!

  • Jill


  • Moonchime

    She is very stylish and beautiful! I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • Victoria

    Absolutely perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

  • Marcia

    What an elegant simple look. There is nothing I would change. I love everything about it.