{What Do You Think Of This Look?}

Black is the new… black?! Okay, okay, there’s nothing new about it, especially on the streets of New York City, where we spotted this FOF and where dressing dark is practically the law of the land. But, there’s a right way and a wrong way to don the inky hue–where does this FOFit in? First, read what our style gurus think. Then, tell us: Is she a black sheep or black beauty?


Glenyse Thompson: “Oh my! Love the coat, classic Louis Vuitton tote, chic jewelry and patent walking shoes. She looks comfortable and elegant until you hit those hips. I want to be polite but…those pants are hideous. Fitted jeans or pants with a slight flare at the ankle would have made this outfit a black beauty.”

Glenyse Thompson is a personal home and wardrobe stylist and the creator of Styleosophy.


Susan Grant: “Too much going on–fringed detail on the jacket, the print-patterned slacks and shiny shoes, plus, the ensemble doesn’t flatter this woman’s figure. The length of the jacket, (perhaps hiked up by the bag on her shoulder) draws attention to her hips. The pegged pants do the same. Straight legged slacks would give her a leaner line and a more sophisticated look. They would also draw less attention to the shoes, which I assume she’s wearing for comfort.”

Susan Grant is merchandise manager for Muse, a full-service jewelry showroom.


Sherrie Mathieson: “Her look is quite good except for the pant that would have been better in solid black. She combines her darks and lights well with a touch of unexpected turquoise. She also balances the feminine (frilly jacket and jewelry) with the sporty bag and shoes really well. Her patent shoes look comfortable, practical and a stylish choice for a lady her age. ”

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.


Terry Gibralter: “Unfortunately, I don’t like much about this FOF’s look. The head-to-toe black is too harsh and draining for her. I find the entire outfit to be quite unflattering. The heavy shawl-collared jacket with fringe swallows her up and I really don’t get the pants–are they capri length with socks showing or is that their design? Whichever it is, they are the wrong look for her. The shoes might be okay paired with some other outfit. The small print neutral scarf doesn’t do much. I don’t mind her large Louis Vuitton tote. Definitely a black sheep!”

Terry Gibralter is the Sr. Vice President and Creative Director at Grey advertising as well as a fashion stylist and the creator of these clever work accessories.


Susan Hersh: “The shawl collar fringe jacket is stunning and like a true New Yorker this woman is sporting the right, stylish and comfortable walking shoe. The printed slim pant with faux leather ankle band looks inexpensive to me compared to the rest of her luxe outfit. Additionally, it makes her legs look short and her figure appear pear shaped. Solid black leggings or slim leg trousers would be more flattering.”

Susan Hersh is a Ford model and the host and executive producer of Meet The Experts.


Sandra Soich: “Black Sheep! There’s nothing about this look that appeals to my styling senses. First of all, this is not age appropriate. Starting from the bottom up, the shoes are so heavy and awkward looking. Then we travel up to the double pant attempt which is very unattractive. The coat could pass the test. The accessories (scarf, jewelry and bag) just look dated. And, to finish, the hair looks so unkempt and the color needs some work.”

Sandra Soich is wardrobe stylist to the stars and founder of YourFashionTherapist.com.
Photographer: Sivan Askayo

0 Responses to “{What Do You Think Of This Look?}”

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Boot cut jeans. Otherwise, good for her!

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  5. Joan says:

    Hate the pants. The shoes I would only wear with jean trousers. The jacket looks like a big blanket she wrapped around herself. Are mirrors out of style?

  6. sharon910 says:

    oh come on!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. sharon910 says:

    Not for us oldsters.

  8. donnarp1 says:

    I agree with Glenyse about the pants she is wearing. A dark pair of jeans or straight cut pair of dark slacks would look a lot better.

  9. Betsy says:

    If this is celebrating our fab-ness, count me out. The comments are offensive. Hair the wrong color, hair is great, pants fit oddly, hips too big, lipstick too dark, makeup great, coat too big, coat is whatever. Age appropriate… This woman has not signed up for the red carpet feeding frenzy, she has dressed herself, perhaps for herself, obviously not for most of us. She has allowed her picture to be taken. Why is it important for us to judge her or her taste? If we want to talk about a look, put the individual pieces in a photo montage, but if we continue to shred the dignity of a FOF, I will be unsubscribing…

  10. catsrule9999 says:

    Sheep! Nothing more to say.

  11. Michelle says:

    A black sheep. She has a great coat and shoes. Pants have to go. Bag/scarf should have been different. Bag is too big, too showy. You can’t tell what she is dressed for. Shopping, luncheon, work??

  12. Stacycakes says:

    The outfit makes the woman appear older and heavy set. Less is more in this situation, the pants must go along with turquoise jewlery. Some nice skinny jeans and solid color shoes and socks would make a huge difference. A form fitting blazer without all the ruffles would tie the outfit together.

  13. Barbara Monroe says:

    Totally unflattering in any city. Is that black lipstick or did she just eat licorice? The outfit makes her look diamond-shaped. There are many comfortable she’s to wear in NYC without looking like you are going to skip rope. No, this is not becoming at all and I am 61.

  14. JED says:

    L.V. tote is too large for her size, the jacket would be a better choice if it were about 6″ longer to conceal hips and upper thighs…which in turn would expose less of the inappropriate pants. Then there is the question of what is going on at her ankles?

    And the lipstick is way too dark for my taste.

  15. Hawklady says:

    The ONLY thing I like about the outfit is the turquoise . The jacket and bag are too bulky and about those pants…….

  16. mnladydi says:

    The jacket and the shoes are fine, but she should not be wearing pants that have such a narrow leg line. If she had straight leg or boot cut pants she would look so much better.

  17. Soledad says:

    Definitely a black sheep. I can’t tell what she was attempting to do. I like the jacket. The pants and shoes are atrocious. The color of the bag doesn’t seem to fit in with the outfit either except that maybe it matches the scarf. But the dear lady didn’t ask us for an opinion.

  18. nancdep5 says:

    Not a thing that I would wear. Ireally don’t get the pants at all.

  19. soap says:

    This look is bad all over and not suitable for this woman or a woman of this age. If she wants to wear it…then stay home indoors, where only she can enjoy seeing it! The pieces certainly do not compliment the wearer and they do not got together no matter what your geographical location.

  20. susan miller says:

    Do not like the all black look, too harsh and old looking for her. Do like the shoes but only for causal wear not dreesy enough for me! It looks like the iniform we reach for when in doubt but should have added a colorful scarf or jewelry. i have tried myself to not make this mistake so many times because ever time I wear a colorful outfit I get the most great commments. We all are so guilty of this so let us make a promise to get more color in our life. Susan

  21. Susan says:

    Maybe not my personal choice but if she is happy and comfortable with it then I say “you go girl”!

  22. EDDIE JO MACK says:

    I forgot – BLACK SHEEP.

  23. EDDIE JO MACK says:

    I am probably a “lady of that age” and I wouldn’t be
    caught dead in it. I love black, but not in those
    styles. Sorry, none of it appeals to me.

  24. Andy says:

    I really think that this total look would improve dramatically if she wore dress pants in black with a slight flare to minimize the look of her feet. I understand comfy shoes in NYC, and the classic LV bag is always in style……particularly if it’s the real thing 🙂

  25. kellykat says:

    I like the jacket,but perhaps it might look better on her left open & loose with an asymetrical hem.I don’t understand the pants — are they above ankle length with tights underneath or with high socks underneath? In either case switching them out for a plain straightleg trouser would improve the look. Like the jewelry. Like the bag—-but she should hold it in one hand—not hug it to her chest.

  26. Mrsfitz says:

    Oh dear, another case of mutton dressed as lamb (color of sheep irrelevant). I think we all agree the pants are well, hideous. Perhaps a very young girl could pull them off but not here. Am I the only one or is black washing this charming woman out? She looks like a young at heart sweetie (as evidenced by the wonderful pop of turquiose) but the clothes don’t match her beauty. The brown scarf goes with her complexion so,perhaps an ensemble in those colors would be more flattering. As far as I know it is not illegal to wear colors in New York…. I do like the jacket and think she can carry it off but another color may have been a better choice. As for the shoes, well, what the heck can one wear that looks better than sneakers when in the city????

  27. Diane says:

    I think she is trying to be comfortable as well as stylish. I could almost go along with her outfit except for the pants or tights or whatever they are. Most unflattering. A pair of straight leg khaki’s or lightweight brown wool pants would help and they would mostly hide the comfy shoes . The brown color would help tie together her bag and scarf. Personally, I like brown and black together. I’ve seen much worse in your outfits you ask for help with. This is one of the better ones lately.

  28. Lois says:

    Definitely a Black Sheep left behind in the 50’s. Nostalgic!

  29. Betty Herbert says:

    From her waist up the look is great. But boy, oh boy, those pants, socks and shoes have got to go. They’re just wrong, wrong, wrong.

  30. Motown Girl says:

    Black Sheep.

    Terry Gibralter said it best: Very little about this woman’s look is appealing. In addition to what Terry Gilbralter said, the bag is too big for the woman and the outfit. Her hair and makeup make her look washed out and old. The all black look makes the washed-out look even worse. Outfit: less is more. Hair and makeup need an update.

  31. Ruthie B says:

    The pants have got to go!

  32. Leona says:

    The whole look is just sad. The pants are horrendous and I am not a fan of the coat at all. Her hair does look dull and might be better natural with a nice gloss added to the gray. As for shoes they are ok. I can’t wear decent shoes myself due to foot problems. Grade D

  33. patatwell says:

    Its too much! The bag is to big for her. The coat is GREAT!!!!! Makes me wonder if she had a full length mirror, and saw this put together, would she have worn it?

  34. Norma Byrd says:

    Sheep from head to toe, or maybe Humpty Dumpty! What are those things around her ankles? If I must wear comfortable walking shoes I want them covered as much as possible and there’s nothing more flattering than boot-cut jeans or slacks to do this. I can’t even think of WHO would look good in pegged pants. They’re just plain awful and emphasize her hips as does the coat. It looks like it was made from a blanket. She tried to make the bag work by adding the similar colored scarf—-it doesn’t. I love black but with her hair and complexion she’d look better with autumn colors, and some slimming straight lines please!

  35. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    Sleeker pants, in a solid color, plus “smoking loafers” would look a lot better and not quite so “I’m a bag lady living on the streets of NY”!

  36. Marcia says:

    I love the jacket, but I think it is too much for her height and weight — makes her look even bulkier. I know big bags are in, but again, the size of this purse overwhelms her. I don’t quite get the pants. Besides looking like pajama bottoms, what is happening around her ankles? Part of the pants, something under the pants? She’d do better with a straight leg to the shoe tops and in a solid color.

  37. Suzanne Cook says:

    Ok, I have read all the “professional” comments. Harsh Ladies Harsh….but entertaining! I am sure your credentials are far superior to us “normal” FOF but get a grip! The lady, mother, grandmother or possibly great-grandmother liked what she was wearing or she wouldn’t have worn it. Not to my taste but evidently it was to her. Louis Vuitton tote…not for me, I like my leather bags from the local boot shop. Patent sneakers, well whatever floats your boat but I like to be comfortable in Clarks or plain old cowboy boots. Jeans are worn outside the boots not tucked in….you can spot a wannabe cowgirl from a distance! Hips? Women have “hips”, we aren’t runway models. “For a lady her age” … no comment on that tasteless barb. “This is not age appropriate” … Oh, on second thought, maybe I will comment on your lack of manners. May I remind each of you that age is a state of mind, if the lady liked what she was wearing then more power to her. Personally I wouldn’t be caught out in public in some of the things professional stylists recommend. I like my jeans, boots and leather purses even if I lived in NYC. Once a redneck always a redneck! EVEN at my advanced age! Sandra Soich, bless your heart, sometimes those giving therapy need it the most.
    In short, thank you ladies for your professional opinions but I will pass on your lack of manners. Opinions are like….well you know we all have those!
    FOF, you asked for a comment so there it was.
    To the lady in the picture, wear what you want, you rock!

  38. Mick says:

    Optimally, that jacket could be longer to flatter her more, but it’s a pass. The pants are a terrible choice because they drag down the whole look: whether that is pegging or wraps. I get the “walking shoes in New York” thing, but if she was shooting for a slim black leg look, the shoes come off clunky. It’s spring; a bright turquoise scarf would have popped against that black backdrop!

  39. pattib says:

    For sure, Black Sheep!

  40. Debbie S. says:

    Too much of everything, which is unfortunate because she looks like a classy lady with a great haircut and makeup. Needs to dress more age appropriate & let’s just say; “Less is More!”

  41. KathleenRileyDaniels (@RileyRants) says:

    Black Sheep implies a rouge statement rather than a fashion miss. Parts of this outfit work great, and parts most certainly do not. The pants are my biggest sticking point — they make her look like a champagne flute.

  42. BlueBear says:

    The clothes are wearing her, rather than she is wearing clothes. The Vuitton bag is enormous and unnecessary unless she’s carrying the kitchen sink in it. Nothing about this outfit is age appropriate either!

  43. CJ says:

    Her top half looks stylish and I quite like the look. Her bottom half looks just awful. Flats would be fine, but those shiny, gaudy shoes are horrible. And the pants are even worse.

  44. kakkie60 says:

    I think that the shoes are for comfort and are fine. She can change if she is going to a function. The outfit is fine. I think that “fashion” is too overdone and what designers consider fashion on runways is trash.

  45. WLONGMAN says:

    This outfit gives black sheep a bad name. The LV tote is a classic, but not with this outfit. The coat could be stylish on a younger, leaner woman, but on her it just highlights her hips. The pants aren’t even worthy of the Goodwill bag and she’s GOT to lighten her lipstick!

  46. Kalizoi says:

    The shoes and coat overwhelm her, as does the shoulder bag. A coat with more length and less fussy collar, and high top sneakers might be a better choice. A smaller black bag slung across the body and a beret-type hat would look great.

  47. Vera Jane says:

    I like the jacket. But those pants are very unflattering. Is she wearing socks? Can’t tell what they are but I feel a more slender pant to the shoe top would have been a better choice. Really don’t like the shoes. Are they for comfort?

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like those totes? I don’t care how much they cost. Personal preference… don’t want someone else’s initials on my stuff.

    • Trisha says:

      Thought I was the only one out there who doesn’t like blatant initials or logos on products. I won’t wear or purchase anything with a designer name unless it is done discreetly. If I’m going to advertise, I would like a commission!

      • Vera Jane says:

        Amen to that!

  48. Kat S says:

    The jacket is great. I also love the vintage bag; although I would have gone with black. The shoes are weird but ok if that is what she wants. Hate the pants.


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