{What Do You Think of This Look?} Clashing or Courageous?

Orange is such a happy color, we were immediately attracted to this FOF in the park. Did she do her trench justice by pairing it with gray boots and an aqua top? Or is the look all wet?

We asked our FOFashion Gurus. Tell us what YOU think.


Lovey Dash: This look is great because of the woman who is wearing it, and not the other way around.  It looks like she has a great sense of self esteem and a gorgeous smile.  I love the silver ring and the on-trend orange coat.  A lot of color blocking which is fun for this season.

Lovey Dash is a Beverly Hills-based stylist. She was formerly in VIP sales for Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive.

Karen C. Hughes: A bright trench is a wonderful transition into warmer weather.  If it is very warm, perhaps after Mother’s Day, I’d store the boots away and give them a rest until fall again.
When it does come back, I would encourage the model to show just a little skin from the hemline of her skirt to the tops of her boots.  Even with longer lengths more in vogue in the coming seasons, when wearing a shorter skirt, it is still more interesting to see a little break between the skirt hem and the top of the boot.  As someone who loves color myself, I think her colors are great.  She’s missing a vital piece from her outfit– accessories!  I’d stick to a delicate scarf or longer layered necklace to complete her look and some oversized earrings.

Karen C. Hughes is an Atlanta-based style and image coach, her company is styleYOUniversity.

Sherrie Mathieson: There is more self-confidence (garnered from her happy stance) projected here– than good style. Several flaws to point to: No sense of color! I would never pair the bright colors she’s wearing with black.  A bit of style-schizophrenia: The boots and skirt, say “winter”–but her coat and top say “spring/summer.”

Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.

FOFeatureDeborah Boland: I love the orange trench that is as bright and cheery as this beautiful woman’s megawatt smile! As for the rest of her outfit, I’d suggest she trade in the gray boots for a pair of sexy black platform pumps, then add some big interesting jewelry to give this plain outfit more serious style.

Style Expert Deborah Boland writes the brilliant fashion blog, Fabulous After 40.

Susan Hersh: This FOF woman wears color well and her index finger ring adds more personality to this vibrant outfit.  The boot choice is bulky, but there are many wedge knee high boot options that would have a more slenderizing shape.  A wedge shoe complemented with hosiery will also elongate the leg.  Color is a big trend for fall so this lady is right on track.

Susan Hersh is a Ford model and the host and executive producer of Meet The Experts.

Shelley Zurek: I find this woman to be of elegant stature and possessing a confident smile which is appealing.  The rest of the outfit has cute individual pieces, but the trench and sweater say “spring” and the skirt and boots say “winter.”  To change it up, I would suggest adding a black beautiful scarf with the turquoise and peach as accents, a black skirt that is the same length or shorter than the trench, black hose, and black flats.

Shelley Zurek is the clever FOF behind the blog, Still Blonde after all these YEARS.

Terry Gibralter: I love this FOF’s confident attitude and great smile!  But the outfit falls a bit short for me.  The best item is the classic trench in a beautiful shade of tangerine, that instantly adds pizazz to any outfit.  The other pieces need a little of that.  Not sure if that’s a dress or t-shirt and skirt, but I would prefer a tone on tone outfit underneath or perhaps jeans and a crisp white blouse.  Additionally the boots look and feel too heavy for summer.  Her cool silver ring is a great touch, however.

Terry Gibralter is the Sr. Vice President and Creative Director at Grey advertising as well as a fashion stylist and the creator of these clever work accessories.

GlenyseThompsonGlenyse Thompson: I love the simplicity of her look and the pop of color, but feel the boots are weighing down her outfit. I would add a chunky vintage statement necklace and balance the skirt with kitten heel or bootie. Show off those legs, girl!

Glenyse Thompson is a personal home and wardrobe stylist and the creator of Styleosophy.

Susan Grant: This is a great look– perfect, smooth fit, cool colors accented with the pop of orange, all classic, yet modern.  The single silver ring on her index finger is an edgy touch, no other accessories being necessary, as she exudes self confidence and doesn’t rely on gimmicky fashion or bling for it. Good for her!

Susan Grant is merchandise manager for Muse, a full-service jewelry showroom.

Photographer: Statia Grossman

0 Responses to “{What Do You Think of This Look?} Clashing or Courageous?”

  1. PKW says:

    Love it! This is a great use of basics and colors – and I love that the first thing I noticed in the picture was this wonderful person’s smile. This is real world dressing done right.

  2. nascarblue says:

    She looks and obviously feels confident with what she is wearing, so you go girl!!!

  3. Verna says:

    Thumbs up with her personality coming across, but sartorial success is far from being attained. From the waist up, she is bright, bold and fun, but she lost out when she went “safe” with her black skirt and grey boots. This doesn’t make an “outfit” but more looks like she bought a nice jacket, and paired it with something fun in her closet, and then had nothing to compliment it for below the waist, so she pulled out the standard neutral that is comfortable. Latte’ colored pant’s and cute tan shoes would be a better neutral to tie it together. Add a fun purse and swap the silver for gold!

  4. NancyJe says:

    I love the orange jacket and the bright colors!

  5. Jill says:

    I actually don’t mind the boots–people are wearing them at all year around these days–but I think the aqua shirt detracts from the tangerine statement. I would suggest going with gray or black and letting the orange take the lead. She is great!

  6. Bess Heitner says:

    Orange and aqua is one of my favorite color combos- these two tones are featured in my spring/summer jewelry collection. I think the woman in the picture looks great. My only suggestion is the color of the boot is not right with the other colors and the heaviness of the boots weighs the look down and brings the eye down rather than up to her smiling face. Otherwise a big hit.

  7. Ann says:

    It’s woman is meant to wear bright colors…it matches her bright attitude. Love everything but the boots….they are not flattering and unless, the picture was taken in March , way out or season. A cute black wedge would have done the trick. You rock girl!

  8. marge201 says:

    Great color combos and style head to toe. She’s a cool chick!

  9. bclaxton says:

    I don’t like the clothes, particularly the boots, BUT she looks great. I wish we could all look that confident.


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