What, Me Worry?

  “The lack of Love and Compassion for each other in this World.
Lupe Olivares
“How man is slowly destroying this planet 🌎.
Andrea Bledsoe
“The fact that there are few to no unbiased and fact-based news sources in the USA.”
Bonnie Bell
“Trump in the White House.
Jackie Clark
 “ALWAYS……. homeless animals 😿.
Susan Farley
 “My kids leaving my nest! 😭
Heidi Thompson
“How social media is making everyone extra nasty.
Kelly Logsdon
“My husband’s health.
Brenda Wesche Norton
“Teenage daughter.”
Lori Trick
My elderly parents in an overburdened health care system…. they are at their mercy with not enough aides to assist them.
Joan Kronlund
Company downsizing… several. I have built up $ and started life over…repeatedly…drained my security and retirement in between. Retirement isn’t until 67, but experienced level jobs that pay high enough for health insurance and living aren’t targeting 50+ for hiring.
Sherri Springfield
Slow small business. How will I survive? Too many people shop online!
Anita Johnson
I am a mess–the question should be, what doesn’t worry me??
Chris Anderson-Montgomery
“Money… my whole life money. 🤨
Sharon Smith Seewalt
“Global warming!
Amy Murphy
My teeth. I want a big beautiful smile!
Randy Pittsinger
“Gaining weight.
Fran Estrada
Margie Smith
 “Don’t worry….be happy!
Sandra Robbins Lightfoot

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