What You’d Buy If Money Were No Object

I would build homeless shelters in Miami because you have to be on a waiting list for years. It’s a disgrace when other states can figure out how to find shelters and schools for the residents, then find them jobs and they graduate. Makes me sick. It should be mandatory to shelter people who are on the streets and give them a second chance in society.”
Bonnie Unger-Carr

A reliable car to get me to chemo and transfusions. Then dinner for all those I love who have shown me kindness, and for every Vet and homeless person I see.”
Lee Andersen
Tickets for two separate flights to see each of my sons. One is 2,600 miles to the southeast and one 2.500 miles to the west.”
Jodi Smith Rasar

“Donate to a worthy cause.”
Laurie Swanson
An in-home caregiver for my mother, who has Alzheimer’s.”
Suzanne Carter

A new pancreas for my son who is diabetic. I would spend every single penny I have to see him healthy.”
Donna Bryant Bell
A penthouse in NYC.”
Lisa Odonnell

Whatever my son needed for his cerebral palsy. Possibly a stem cell treatment!”
Micha Penry
A Kitchenaid mixer.”
Pamela Turner

Spoil my kids and grandkids, without a doubt.”
Marie Myers Bagshaw
A new bedroom set.”
Monica White


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