Of What Are You Most Proud?

A parent should never tell her child that she’s proud of him, I once heard a psychologist advise. Instead, the parent should encourage her child to be proud of himself. Indeed. At any age, we should feel deep pleasure or satisfaction from our own own achievements and admirable qualities. And, we have many of both!

Congratulations, ladies, one and all!

“My son and daughter are lovely people. I’m so proud to be their mother. Both have great jobs and great partners.”
Jenny Fallowes

“I see the light at the end of the tunnel with retirement. And I did it on my own.”
Cornelia Lytle Stout

“Lost 50 lbs. And I have kept it off for 8 years now!”
Holly Irene Oler

“Giving up some of my demons…ie…drinking…and a few other things.”
Shelly Forkey

“37 years as a 911 operator. Average length of time is two years.”
Mary Ryan

“I kept wrinkles at bay.”
Linda Mahrous

“I quit smoking.”
Cathleen Fredette

“That I’m still alive, LOL. Been around this rock 61 times and still going strong.”
Lola Dee

“Getting my RN license years ago!”
Donna Stack

“At 66 I am thankful to God. All the rough tough times He was always there, forgiving me too. I am at peace with many blessings today.”
Candy KH

“That my husband and I managed to put our 30-plus year marriage back together. Very proud of that!”
Sherry Lynn Schreiber Rudd

“My ability to find humor in almost anything! ALMOST!!!”
Lynn Rubenfeld

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