{Style Expert} What’s your office style? 3 FOFs share the items that work.

Nancy’s Signature Work Pieces (pictured above):

• Hippie chic dress by Ali Ro, “I wear this to most of my important speaking gigs!” says Nancy.

• Tie-dye pattern laptop skin from SkinIt.com and hot pink speakers.

• Tote by Falchi. “For carrying my laptop. It was a splurge when I was booked for my most recent big speaking appearance,” says Nancy.

Amy’s Signature Pieces (pictured above):

• Black over-the-knee boots by Christian Louboutin

• Black jersey “diaper” dress by Norma Kamali

• Tee by Rick Owens

• Flow pants by Rick Owens

“By the time a woman is fifty, she pretty much knows what looks good on her,” says Amy. “A short boxy Chanel jacket just doesn’t look right on me. But a zippered high collared Rick Owens looks just perfect on me– and makes me feel just perfect as well. I like it when people see me in something or in a magazine and say ‘that’s an Amy outfit.’ That says my signature style is established and works.”

Liz’s Signature Pieces (pictured above):

• A very modern version of the black horned rim glasses

• Straight-line, slim black crepe pants by Eileen Fisher

• Diamond studs and rings

• White shirt with mandarin collar

• Black heels

“I have found that these pieces are simple and powerful, project confidence and smarts (I think it’s the glasses!) and seem to be an authentic representation of my business persona,” says Amy.

What’s your office style or signature business piece? Tell us below!

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  1. Susan McCorkindale says:

    Fabulous stuff, and I just love seeing MY publicist, AMY KRAKOW, profiled. You have style, girl. Not to mention talent! S. xo

  2. Valerie says:

    My style is casual. I work long hours on a computer in a “fish bow” environment. I rarely see clients so my persona is usually visible via phone, email or web connections. I look at comfort as a vital necessity so that I can do top work without any discomfort. I sometimes miss the “go to” look and feel. Though those times are few and far between I will don some office apparel and make them all think I have a “hot date”. You all look great.

  3. Lonneke says:


    Great! I just came across your website. I am a european fashion stylist (www.youreuropeanstylist.com) and I like the fact that you bring up the attention to ladies over 50 who still look sharp, fashionable and balanced. Too often, women in business, especially over a certain age, tend to wear the same-old conservative business outfits (black suit, coloured blouse and black shoes). Here are three examples of powerful stylish women in their fifties who do not need the conservative style to run their businesses.

  4. Storme says:

    I really, really heart leggings! But at 59, I’ve been thinking that I should move into more age-appropriate attire -translation? conservative, wholesome and plain. (Yikes!) To understand my dilemma – My 37 year old daughter informed me some time ago that I should no longer wear Dior’s “Poison” because it is too youthful for a woman my age…It’s not even my favorite fragrance but there you go.

  5. Lisa says:

    Love to see a Fab of 50 modeling the clothes..

  6. Katherine from Fab Over Fifty says:

    Hi Dianne,

    I love what you have to say about being a “chameleon” and changing your look with your mood.

    It must be fun owning a B&B–you get to set the dress code! (Petit Soleil looks beautiful by the way!)…

    Glad you enjoyed the post!

  7. Katherine from Fab Over Fifty says:

    Hi Kim,

    I totally agree–COMFORT is so important!

    Thanks for reading…

  8. Dianne Conner says:

    SLO is a delightfully casual little California University town.
    We own Petit Soleil, the bed and breakfast that offered the great two day giveaway just recenty.
    My style is colorful, fun, bold – sometimes classic, sometimes hippie, sometimes edgy and sometimes European. After fifty you can be a chameleon wearing different looks and styles depending on your moods!

  9. Betty says:

    I need a make-over! Haha. I’ve had the same old blouses for years! This makes me want to spruce up the ol’ closet! Thank you!

  10. admin says:

    My office style has changed a ton over the years. I used to wear very matchy-matchy suits. Now I have a much more laid back “uniform” of jeans, t-shirts and blazers with a few gold necklaces of varying lengths. I’ve learned what works for my body. My Fave right now is a super lightweight Theory blazer that looks great with a white T.

  11. kim says:

    A very motivating article,we can each have our own style,even combining a couple different styles to make it unique and your own. It should above all be comfortable and a little fun!!

  12. KMM says:

    I love this! It’s so great that each woman has such a unique style. My style is on the classic side, but I do love throwing in edgy accessories!


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